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The ten best albums from 1971

1971 was a special year in the world of popular/rock music. Some of the greatest acts of the classic rock era released their best and most influential work. For the last year, this column has run a series highlighting almost thirty albums from that year. The goal was to see how they held up after... Read more »

Fifty years of The Concert for Bangladesh

My friend came to meWith sadness in his eyesHe told me that he wanted helpBefore his country dies. Although I couldn’t feel the painI knew I had to tryNow I’m asking all of youTo help us save some lives The lyrics tell the story. Ravi Shankar came to his friend, George Harrison, to tell him... Read more »

Stevie Wonder's 1971 album "Where I'm Coming From" helped set the stage for future greatness

When discussing the music of the 1970s, you can’t go too long before the name Stevie Wonder comes up. Three of his albums, “Innervisions”, “Fullfillingness’ First Finale” and”Songs in the Key of Life” won Grammy Awards for Best Album. Twelve of his twenty-five Grammys were won during the decade. However, his transformation from the thirteen-year-old... Read more »

Is Cat Stevens' "Peace Train" as hopeful in 2021 as it was fifty years ago?

Now I’ve been happy latelyThinking about the good things to comeAnd I believe it could beSomething good has begunOh, I’ve been smiling latelyDreaming about the world as oneAnd I believe it could beSomeday it’s going to come It’s 1971. The United States is as divided as it’s ever been. Richard Nixon is President. Protests over... Read more »

Fifty years of Don McLean's "American Pie"

October 24, 1971. It was fifty years ago today when musician Don McLean came into our lives. That was the day his album “American Pie” was released. A few weeks later, the title track became a huge hit single. It didn’t take long for some of the lyrics to become seared into our brains. They... Read more »

Santana III was my favorite Santana album fifty years ago and remains so today

You’ve heard the saying the original is the best? It’s certainly true with the rock band Santana. It’s hard to believe that Santana began its musical journey more than five decades ago. Most of us saw them for the first time with their brilliant performance at Woodstock. The performers we remember from that day include... Read more »

Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" at fifty: An album that should have got them elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

When you think about music from 1971, what comes to mind? Is it the legends of classic rock such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who, who are at the top of their game? Maybe the Singer-Songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, David Crosby and Graham Nash, who all released albums that... Read more »

Fifty years of David Crosby solo albums: What was so promising in 1971 comes to fruition in 2021

It’s early 1971. David Crosby has been a huge rock star for seven years. That’s when he became a founding member of the legendary, influential band, The Byrds. Crosby went on to greater success with one of the great trios of all time, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their first self-titled album sold more than four... Read more »

Paul McCartney's "Ram": It was a bad album in 1971 and still is fifty years later

It’s late May 1971. I’m home from my first year in college. I walk into a record store and find Paul McCartney’s newest album, “Ram.” Being a big Beatles fan, plus having liked Paul’s first, self-titled album, I’m going to need to hear this album. I put down my four bucks, took my change and... Read more »

On the fiftieth anniversary of John Lennon's album "Imagine", the good and bad

Imagine there’s no heavenIt’s easy if you tryNo hell below usAbove us, only sky September 9, 1971. John Lennon’s second solo/post-Beatles album “Imagine” is released. It’s highlighted by the title track, which immediately became an anti-war anthem. Fifty years later, it remains an iconic part of Lennon’s solo catalog of work, However, there’s more to... Read more »
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