A Change Is Gonna Come

It’s been a long
A long time coming
But I know a change gonna come
Oh, yes it will

There are many song lyrics, writings, pieces of poetry and plain old cliches about change. Most of it is true. One thing that is certain, change is constant. Like it or not, deal with it.

Here, at ChicagoNow, we’ve been in a state of flux for the last month. Our last manager left at the end of July. We were told someone from Tribune/Alden management, who owns ChicagoNow, would be in touch with us about what is next, soon. I’m not certain those folks know the dictionary definition of the word “soon” because it’s now a month and a day later and we still haven’t heard a single word from anyone. Nothing! Nada! ZIP!!!

Maybe we’ll hear something today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next month, next year or never. No one knows….and it’s that uncertainty that adds to the stress for those who are writing here.

But, the good news is the people who are still here don’t have to be held hostage by Tribune/Alden management. This isn’t the only place to write, especially if you’re writing/providing content for free, which has been the case here for a few years. There are options….and I’m taking one of them.

To paraphrase Lebron James, I’m taking my talents to Substack.

While I’m not leaving ChicagoNow yet, (for some reason, maybe it’s a sense of loyalty to the people here, I’m going to stay and go down with the ship, maybe) I’ll also write a weekly column at Substack. (If you click this link, you can find my introductory column) I’m sure it will be more later, but once a week sounds good at this point. Hopefully, those who follow me here will migrate with me to Substack, too. Thanks in advance.

The reason for this rant is maybe, just maybe, it’ll catch the eye of a decision maker at Trib/Alden and they’ll do something, one way of the other about ChicagoNow. Honestly, I can live with whatever decision they make, just make a decision.

So, if this is it, so be it. I’ve had a great run here. I’ll see you on the other side. If not, I’ll see you Wednesday because I have some thoughts about birthdays and birthday parties. Where I write them is up to Tribune/Alden management. Your move!


This space is usually used to try to get you to subscribe to this blog. Not anymore. Because of issues with Tribune/Alden, it looks like we’ll be closing shop sooner than later.

I’ll be here until we close, whenever that is. but you’ll also be able to find me at https://wordpress.com/view/mreclectic611.wordpress.com

I also will be starting to write at https://ivegotthehippyshakes.substack.com/publish

I thank all of the readers who have been here for almost ten years. I hope you follow along to the new spaces. I’ll keep you informed. As Rachel Maddow says, “Watch This Space.”

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