The potpourri of nonsense in the July edition of The Month in Review

Another month has come and gone. It’s the final day of month number seven. It’s time to check out the ridiculousness that occurred in the July edition of The Month in Review.

St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Russ Hensley is a member of the Cherokee Nation. While entering a game against the Braves, Atlanta fans did their inane Tomahawk Chop. More than a little distasteful; more than a little unaware.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was having a nice dinner at Morton’s restaurant. While he was dining, protesters were outside, upset with his recent ruling striking down Roe v Wade. That forced Brett to exit through the backdoor. Morton’s reaction to this was it took away his right to dine. Hmmm…is that a constitutional right?

Let’s get to the Trump news because there is always Trump news. Pillow man Mike Lindell believes his man Don is about to be reinstated as President. He thinks this will happen August 21-22. “It will be the biggest event in this country in our lifetime.” I don’t think Mike is getting enough sleep. Maybe it’s his pillow.

Don’s first wife, Ivana, died at age seventy-three. The announcement was made on the Truth Social website. At the bottom was a link for donations. Grifting is a full-time job.

The latest event in the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour is being held at Trump’s Bedminster golf course. It’s not too far from the site of the 9/11 killings, so naturally, survivors from that horrendous day are upset and offended. When asked about this, Don replied that maybe it’s about time we look into what happened on 9/11. Hey Donnie, stick to grifting. You’re much better at that.

Talking about grift, Representative Elise Stefanik was whining about the Bidens using the presidency to make money. I don’t know how much cash Hunter is bringing in, but where was this rant when Ivanka was making millions while holding an actual government job?

Let’s chat about sex because there’s always something going on that involves sex, right?

Huma Abedin is now dating Bradley Cooper. Besides being Hillary Clinton’s main girl, she’s best known for her former marriage to politician Anthony Weiner. That broke up because Anthony couldn’t stop sending dick pics to underage girls. While Huma and Brad are just getting started in their relationship, I’m thinking one rule set up early is NO SEXTING! It’s a dealbreaker!

The Musk men and their penises are at it again. Elon is rumored to have had an affair with the now estranged wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Elon’s dad just had a baby with his step-daughter. I need a shower after typing this last paragraph.

Representative Glenn Thompson recently voted against the Respect My Marriage bill which would codify gay marriage. Three days later, he attended his son’s wedding….to another man.

Finally, Senator Josh Hawley has been ranting about how men’s masculinity is being taken away in America. He has an upcoming book about this titled “Manhood.” I’m sure people will be running, like Josh did on January 6, 2021, to get their copy.

That’s it for July. I can only imagine what August will bring.


This space is usually used to try to get you to subscribe to this blog. Not anymore. Because of issues with Tribune/Alden, it looks like we’ll be closing shop sooner than later.

I’ll be here until we close, whenever that is. but you’ll also be able to find me at

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I thank all of the readers who have been here for almost ten years. I hope you follow along to the new spaces. I’ll keep you informed. As Rachel Maddow says, “Watch This Space.”

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