The new gun bill is a good start, but that's all it is

Joe Biden~“Tonight, after 28 years of inaction, bipartisan members of Congress came together to heed the call of families across the country and passed legislation to address the scourge of gun violence in our communities.”

Congratulations! It only took the senseless deaths of nineteen children and two teachers for our politicians to come to their senses. It’s much too late for them and the many other victims of gun violence, but maybe this law will keep others from being dealt the same fate. Maybe, but…..

There are a few things in the bill that I am happy about. The billions of dollars for mental health programs were needed long ago. Whenever the government decides it needs to make cuts to balance a budget, mental health facilities are always among the first to go. It’s nice to see it’s now become a priority.

While the law did address background checks, it didn’t go nearly as far as I would have liked. Well, at least they did something, right? Maybe.

But what about assault weapons? What are they doing about the AR-15’s that seem to be the weapon of choice for individuals that want to shoot up schools, churches, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc? Nothing! Nada! Zip!!

If a person wants one of these killing machines, all they need to do is pass a background check that isn’t too hard to pass, put down their money and voila….they take home an assault weapon. Does that make you feel safer? Me, neither.

I know I should be happy that something was done about the gun problem in America, and I somewhat am. I also know and understand how difficult it was to get politicians who would have trouble making a decision on what they want for lunch, to get together and actually do something that makes our lives a little better and a little safer.

But, while our politicians in Washington are going to take a victory lap about this bill, they didn’t come close to doing enough. They still have time to get there. Hopefully, the children in our schools also have that time.

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