What's the matter with people who are having Omicron parties?

We’re havin’ a party
Dancin’ to the music
Played by the DJ
On the radio
The Cokes are in the icebox
Popcorn’s on the table
Me and my baby
We’re out here on the floor

Do you remember this back in what now seems like the olden days? Parents would intentionally let their children become infected with chickenpox. There were a few reasons for doing this: a. It seemed like every child was going to get chickenpox so why not get it over. b. Once you had it, you were immune from getting it again. Parents would even let the one child with the pox infect their other siblings.

Well, we’ve now had the chickenpox vaccine for almost three decades so the nonsense of those foolish days is over.

But now there’s a new idea of nonsense, foolishness and more likely, idiocy. People are having Omicron parties. I’m not exactly sure of the reasoning for this but it may be the same as the intentional chickenpox craze. I’ve heard more than a few people say we’re all going to get the virus eventually. Are these people really thinking the sooner the better? Is that why it’s party-time?

This is some serious WTF thinking!!

First of all, you can get Covid more than once. Second, people get seriously ill from this virus and millions have died worldwide. Third, I can go on and on about this but the only thing I can think of is WT actual F is the matter with these people?

Since this behavior is rumored to have started in Oklahoma, the executive director of the Tulsa County of Health Department, Dr. Bruce Dart, has this warning:

“I’m getting people sending me messages through Facebook and other places, saying that people are having ‘omicron parties’ to get exposed. Well, don’t do that. Absolutely do not do that. Symptoms from omicron are milder than previous variants, but it could hit you hard. Experts still don’t know the lingering effects of the variant. Mild is kind of a relative term, and nobody wants to find out for themselves if they would have a particularly mild case or not.”

Since the pandemic started almost two years ago, we’ve been fighting the virus, misinformation and stupidity. An Omicron party is the latest example of all three.

Song lyrics to “We’re Having A Party” by Sam Cooke

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