It's time to call the new World Series champions The Atlanta Baseball Team

The King is dead. Long live the King…well at least until next November when we’ll hopefully crown a new one.

We’ve just finished one of the most offensive World Series in baseball’s history. The cheating Houston Astros against the racist-named Atlanta Braves. It was almost impossible to pick a side to root for.

The Braves players were more likable than the quartet of Houston infielders that remain from the 2017 champions. I’ll take Freddie Freeman over any of them every single time. But, just when you think it’s safe to cheer for Atlanta, here comes that damn tomahawk chop….over and over and over again. If MLB thought it was a good idea to take away the All-Star game over Georgia’s voting rights legislation, they should take away a lot more over that offensive chop.

As if this isn’t bad enough on its own, on Saturday night, the former guy and his supposed wife attended game four. They were seen doing the tomahawk chop along with the rest of the Braves nation. Btw, what was he doing in Georgia? I thought there was fraud and cheating in the state’s election that helped to cost him the presidency? Hmmm….I guess cheating was the theme of the 2021 World Series, but, I digress.

Back to the team name….You’ve noticed other teams have made the change from their offensive names. Cleveland’s baseball team has moved from Indians to Guardians. Yes, there are some issues with this, but at least we’re done seeing Chief Wahoo.

Then there’s the squad formerly known as the Redskins. After years of ridicule, they finally dropped the name in favor of the safe Washington Football Team. Maybe they should be known as the team to be named later. They’re probably better off staying with what they have now because, with Dan Snyder in charge and involved, he’ll probably come up with something even worse than Redskins.

So to Freddie, Jorge, Max, Joc and the rest of the new champions, congratulations on your title. To the team’s management, it’s well past time to think about a new, less offensive team name. How about The Hammers, in honor of Henry Aaron, the greatest player in team history. That would make him as proud of the team as would have been after last night’s victory.

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