It's time to send the unvaccinated Covid patients home

You’re at home with your family. Maybe you’re having dinner, watching television or just relaxing with your loved ones. Suddenly you feel pain in your back. They’re brutal spasms that won’t stop. Someone says you may have kidney stones and you need to go to the local emergency room. You get there but the waiting room is full. The wait is longer than usual….much longer. That’s because they’re treating patients who have Covid symptoms. Ninety-nine percent of them have not been vaccinated.

You’re feeling pain and tightness in your chest. The pain radiates down into your arm and is also in your jaw. You know these are the signs of a heart attack. You get to the emergency room. They get you in right away and get you stabilized. But, the hospital can’t admit you. Their intensive care rooms are filled with Covid patients. Ninety-nine percent of them have not been vaccinated.

The Covid vaccine has been available for close to one year. While it doesn’t totally prevent people from getting Covid, it does make the disease’s effects manageable. It keeps you out of the hospital and, more importantly, keeps you alive.

The is no reason why people are still undecided about getting the Covid vaccine. They’ve had enough time to make a decision about this one way or the other. If you’ve decided to go against science and against medicine, that’s fine. I may not like it, and you’re putting others at risk, but that’s your choice and your right. But, if that’s your choice, you shouldn’t expect and depend on that same science and medicine that you refused to save you. Not when you had the information and went against it in the first place.

I know this sounds like I don’t have any sympathy for those who are vaccinated and currently dealing with Covid, but I do. No one with a soul wants anyone to become seriously ill or worse. I definitely have empathy for those with Covid. Even the somewhat minor breakthrough case I had is still lingering a month after diagnosis. But the vaccination I received six months earlier kept it from being much worse. It could and should have been the same for those who are now overcrowding our hospitals and taxing their staff.

Here’s the deal and it should be this simple…get vaccinated and keep healthy or be unvaxxed and deal with the consequences on your own. This choice, the same as whether or not you received the vaccine, is also your own.

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