Monoclonal antibodies vs Ivermectin: It's a life choice

The New York Times published a recent article that showed the odds of getting Covid after being vaccinated at 5000 to 1.

Meet a One.

It never crossed my mind that what I thought was a bad cold or maybe the flu was actually Covid. Yeah, the symptoms were almost identical but they disappeared so quickly that I was almost ready to get on with normal life activities. Almost!

It was the damn cough. I get coughs on a regular basis. I can normally deal with them without any issues. This one was different. It was deep enough that each hack sent a shooting pain into my ribs. It hurt enough that I made what I hoped would be a quick trip to the local urgent care to see if they could give me some pain meds. The doctor on call first suggested a Covid test. I didn’t see the point but figured it couldn’t hurt. I could deal with a Q-tip up my nose. No biggie…I’ve had worse.


While I was in a bit of shock with the diagnosis, what he followed with shocked me more. “I can set you up with an appointment for monoclonal antibodies treatment. Interested?”

I think after a few moments with my mouth wide open in surprise, my response was ” I thought it was almost impossible to get that. Only people like Trump and the Texas Governor Abbott get it? Are you sure it’s not Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine?”

The doctor smirked at my response. He told me it wasn’t funny and said “You want it or not?”

C’mon man, it was a little funny, right? I guess there’s nothing funny about giving medicine meant for a horse or cow to someone who is hoping for a miracle life-saving cure. Imagine how desperate you must be to try this. And yes, I did want the antibodies. So, I shut my mouth, went home and waited for their appointment center to call me.

My phone actually rang as I was walking in the door; which was another surprise considering it was Labor Day. I had my choice of times. Really! Sometimes you’re better off not asking too many questions. Just shut up and take what they give you. This was one of those times.

So yesterday afternoon, I walked into another urgent care office. Three hours later my body was full of those antibody things. I still have no idea what they actually are or how they work; only that it has to be better and safer than Invermectin, hydroxychloroquine, bleach or whatever the latest scam treatment you can find being plugged on Fox News or Newsmax.

Besides, if Monoclonal antibodies are good enough for Trump and Abbott, they’re good enough for me. WOW…this thing has turned my brain to mush…or actually more mush. Hmmm…I wonder if Fox News recommends anything for that.

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