The conundrum of having your birthday fall on Mother's Day weekend

Happy Birthday! Happy Mother’s Day!

Two big days in a person’s life. What if they come on the same weekend? What if they’re only one day apart? What if the person celebrating the birthday is also celebrating her first Mother’s Day? How is she suppose to celebrate? What about her friends and family?

So many questions to answer. It’s a conundrum, I tell you….a damn conundrum!

The above situation isn’t anything new for my family. We’ve been dealing with this since May 8, 1992. That’s the day my youngest daughter was born. Every few years, her birthday would fall on Mother’s Day weekend….occasionally on the same day. It seemed simpler back in those early days. We’d have a party for the kid, dinner at some restaurant for Mom and then everyone would get on with their lives.

This year, however, my daughter the birthday girl, is also the new mom celebrating Mother’s Day #1! I’m sure she’ll be fine. There will probably be a small birthday thing and then the next day she’ll hook up with her mom so they can honor the joy of motherhood together.

Her, I’m not worried about. The person with the stress…the person with the questions…the person having the conundrum is ME!!

I just want/need to know about gifts? Should I buy a small one for each day? How about a big combined present that covers the entire weekend event? Or maybe only a b-day present because, after all, she isn’t my mother?!

See?! I told you it’s a conundrum!

Okay…okay…I’ll quit whining and tell you what I decided to do. It’ll be fine because since my daughter never reads this column, it’ll still be a surprise. HA!

With her birthday coming first, I got her a few things. She likes this granola stuff from Target, so that was easy. I added in a gift card so when she finishes the stuff, she can buy some more.

As for Mother’s Day, I was thinking that I would let her son get his mommy a present. However, since he is only eight months old, it’s not likely he’ll come through. Slacker!! So Grandpa decided to step up and get something in his name…..something both he and his parents could use. DIAPERS!!!

Yep, I went to Walmart and bought a huge box of diapers. The packaging says they’ll last a month, but we’ll see. I guess that’s up to my grandson. Btw, when I got to Walmart, I had to suffer the indignity of the greeter asking if the diapers were for a baby or me, so that’s the last time I’m going there. Sigh!

Anyway… all worked out and as in the past, it’s time to get on with our lives until this happens again next year. Oh man…next year…OY!!! Her birthday falls on the same damn day as Mother’s Day!! What will we do then?

It’s a conundrum, people….a damn conundrum!

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