Mick Jagger is pandemicking like the rest of us

It’s been more than a year since most of the world headed down to their basement. Thirteen months of too much tv, too much delivered dinners and groceries, too much Zoom, too much disease and death, too much of everything.

It’s been more than a year of boredom for everyone….and by everyone I really do mean EVERYONE! This week we found out that Mick Jagger has been dealing with the pandemic like the rest of us. Hmmm…who knew? Hmmm…who would have ever guessed?

I know most of us have dreams of living our life like a rock star. Now we hear we’ve been living like Jagger for the last year. SCORE!! Dreams can come true!

Like every other musician, whatever plans Mick and his little band had for 2020 were put on hold. No touring so Mick had to stay at home. I imagine his home is a little nicer than most of ours. That probably made it easier for him to pandemic, but guess what….even living in luxury 24/7/365 can get boring….and Mick got bored….just like the rest of us.

So Mick did what a lot of us did….he called up a friend for a chat. While I called up folks from my childhood and college, Mick dialed up Nirvana and Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl. Same thing, right?

While we set up a Zoom meeting with our friends and family to discuss/whine about the pandemic, Mick and Dave are Zooming about an idea for a song about the pandemic. Mick is going to sing and play guitar. Dave will do the drumming and add in some guitar. Hmmm…. the same thing, right?

This week, Mick and Dave dropped their single, “Easy Sleazy.” It’s basically a musical journal of what Mick has been doing to kill the time while staying home for the last year. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing here for the last year except without the guitars and drums. Me and Mick, livin’ the same life in 2020. Rock on!!

Remember the song “Move Like Jagger”, by Maroon 5? Ten years later, we’re all doing that. We’re moving like Jagger. We’re living like Jagger. We’re pandemicking like Jagger. My tour starts in 2022.

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