The week in review: Texas style

The week in review: Texas style

They say everything is bigger in Texas. As we’ve seen in the last few days, even their problems are bigger. You might even say they’re sized Texas-style.

The entire country has been racked with weather-related issues since last Sunday. We’ve seen record amounts of cold, snow, and ice. It’s February…the heart of the winter. Most of us are used to this. We shovel, put on an extra layer, remember that Spring is only a month away and get on with our lives.

Well, the most of us don’t include the politicians and the infrastructure in the great state of Texas. They found a way to make it worse. Let’s take a look.

Texas energy:
Texas has a great energy system. The state has every form of energy you can imagine. It’s totally self-reliant. They don’t need or ask for anything from any other state or the feds when it comes to energy. It works great, except for when it doesn’t. This was one of those weeks where it didn’t and it failed at the worst possible time.
The failure isn’t so much on the system but mostly on the politicians running the system. You see, these system failures seem to occur every ten years or so. They’re caused by a failure to winterized the systems. The politicians apparently think what’s the point of spending the money if it only happens once a decade. That kind of thinking led to what we’re seeing this week.

Senator John Cornyn:
It didn’t take long after everything went bad for Cornyn to place blame. “The Green New” and all it entails was the problem. Of course, it’s really not into law anywhere as of yet, but it’s easier to dump on it and the people supporting it than to come up with a solution to solve the problem. We haven’t heard anything else from Cornyn since then. Typical!

Gov. Greg Abbott:
Abbott also went all-in on blaming “The Green New Deal.” He even went on Hannity to double down on this claim. It took him less than a day to back off. You see, green energy makes up less than one-tenth of Texas’s total power.  Yeah, it failed, but so did every other source of energy. But, going off on clean energy plays well to his base, so basically, it’s politics over solutions…again. Typical!

Enough of the villains for now. We can and most definitely will come back to them in a bit. Here are some of the heroes:

President Joe Biden:
To say that the politicians of Texas and most of their citizens are not big Joe-stans would be an understatement. Remember that nonsense about seceding from the nation? That was less than three months ago. Boy, time sure does fly! But, now it’s a desperate time in the lone star state and the Governor needed some help. President Joe immediately declared Texas a disaster (make your own jokes) and sent generators, money and whatever else was needed. He did this for a state that not only didn’t vote for him but didn’t want to be part of the union anymore. I didn’t see any paper towels being thrown, did you?

Beto O’Rourke:
Beto doesn’t have a job in the Texas government at the moment. He’s under no obligation to do anything but lead his own life. To help with this disaster, Beto organized a team that made more than 750,000 phone calls to senior citizens throughout the state. He helped connect them with sources where they could get food, heat, water, transportation and shelter. You’re familiar with those things…the basic life services.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
AOC is one of the faces of “The Green New Deal.” You can guess she’s not a very popular figure in the state of Texas. But while many of the state’s politicians try to not so subtly pin the blame for this disaster on her and her fellow believers, AOC has raised over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in relief funds for the state. She’s also flying into Texas to distribute the funds and supplies.

Can we get back to those villains again? Of course, we can:

Senator Ted Cruz:
While AOC tries to fly into the state Rafael tries to flee Texas for Mexico. It’s such a bad look. Then he plays the blame game instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Hey Ted, blaming your children will never get you much sympathy. Then, after going on Hannity to explain his actions, he said it was going to be a working vacation. No wonder Teddy has received more ridicule than normal. Hey Ted, if you really want to help, maybe call Alexandria when she gets to your state and help her in distributing those supplies?

Donald Trump Jr.:
It wouldn’t be a disaster if a Trump wasn’t around to make it worse. His only comment was that the left was going to try to cancel Ted Cruz after his missteps. Nothing about the disaster itself or using the resources and money of the Trump Organization to help, just typical Don Jr, making a fool of himself. Hey buddy….are you trying to take Eric’s place as the family fool?

That’s the sad story of what’s going on in Texas for the weak of February 19, 2021. I’m sure we’ll hear more about how great Texas is handling this, because they like to talk a big game in the big state. As the University of Texas likes to say each year about the schools football team, “We’re back!!” Sadly, some of the fools in charge never leave.

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