One week to go. What could possibly go wrong?

One week to go. What could possibly go wrong?

One week! 7 days. 168 hours. 604,800 seconds. ONE WEEK!!

Next Wednesday, it’ll be done. At noon, on January 20, 2021, our nation’s four-year nightmare will come to an end. The reign of Donald Trump will be over.

One week is such a small period of time. You snap your fingers and it’s over. We should be able to breeze on through, right? What could possibly go wrong, right?

I have to admit I’m scared….more than a little scared. I’m scared like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were scared at Woodstock…. and they were scared shitless. Look what happened last Wednesday. That was only a week ago…seven days, etc, etc, etc.

We already know about plans for more protests/riots/insurrections this coming weekend at the capitals of all fifty states. Do you think there’s a chance of more violence?
Afterward, the protesters/rioters/insurrectionists plan to head back to D.C. for the inauguration. Do you think there’s a chance of more violence?

I mean,’s only a week. What could possibly go wrong?

Have you heard our boy Don is still ranting about the election being stolen from him? Not only is he ranting, but he’s also still trying to subvert the will and votes of the people….especially in Georgia. When the U.S. Attorney couldn’t find any irregularities in the election results, he had him fired. The new lead attorney is a Trump supporter who has been told to do one thing….find enough fraud/votes to change the election results in Georgia. He has one week to do this before the new administration takes over and he’s most likely out of a job.

One short week. What could possibly go wrong?

By the way, it gets lost in all the insurrection and grift, but we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Yeah, there’s a vaccine, but the rollout has been slower than promised…much slower. In the meantime, more than three thousand people are dying of Covid-19 every day. Doing the math, that’s another twenty-one thousand dead Americans that won’t live until inauguration day.

One short week during a pandemic. What could possibly go wrong?

Did I forget anything? What else could there be? Oh yeah…what about pardons?
He’s already pardoned Flynn, Stone and Manafort, so it’s family time! Don Jr., Ivanka, Jared, Eric and even though he isn’t blood, Rudy is almost like family. What about all his supporters who attacked the Capitol Building last week? Would you be surprised if they were on his pardon list? He may even try to pardon himself! He only has a week to get this done.

One short week. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, we’re down to the final week. 7 days. 168 hours. 604,800 seconds. ONE WEEK!!
What could possibly go wrong?!

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