It's too late for the self-rehabilitation of Mike Pence

It's too late for the self-rehabilitation of Mike Pence

At the direction of this president….
Under the leadership of this president…

Those are the words we’ve heard over and over and over whenever lame-duck Vice-President Mike Pence speaks. Even when they were in different locations, Pence never failed to pay homage suck-up to Donald Trump. It was even worse when they were in the same room. Pence would fawn over Trump. He gazed at him as if he was a teen-aged boy pining after a young girl to whom he was hoping to lose his virginity. But in both cases, the lust was never returned. It was all a tease.

Over the last four years, Mike Pence’s loyalty to Trump was never under question. It was never less than 100%, at least in public. No matter what Trump did, Pence was there to back him up. That was Trump’s reward for pulling Mike Pence out of obscurity. Trump saved Pence’s political career and Mike was overly thankful. Mike Pence became Donald Trump’s number one toady.

But even a toady has his limits. When Trump tried to force Pence to use his role as president of the Senate to change the results of the election, it went too far. Pence wasn’t willing to go against the constitution and subvert democracy, even if it would have kept himself in office. It crossed the thin line of Pence’s morality.

A day after the riot at the Capitol building and the confirmation of Joe Biden winning the presidency, Mike Pence is receiving kudos for how he handled the situation. It’s amazing that you can now receive credit for doing your job. It’s amazing you can now receive credit for not breaking the law. It’s amazing you can now receive credit for doing the right thing.

A day after the insurrection, Mike Pence is again making news. It was announced that he’s considering attending the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden. That’s quite the gesture! Woo fucking hoo!!

There are now twelve days left in the current administration. Trump and his supporters never really liked Pence. They just tolerated him as long as he was useful. They were never taking him with them on their next endeavor. Mike Pence is going to need to find the next thing to do in his life. So Mike Pence knows he needs to change his image. Thus began the self-rehabilitation of Mike Pence.

It’s near impossible for a tiger to change its stripes. Two days of faux good deeds can’t change four years of despicable behavior. Don’t be surprised to see more acts of decency from Mike Pence over the next ten days. Don’t be fooled. Don’t forget the words of fealty to Donald Trump. Don’t forget those looks of lust he gave his leader.

They say that when someone shows you who they really are you should believe them. Mike Pence made us believe him in 2016. Two acts of decency shouldn’t change that.

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