The Trump administration legacy is one of death

The Trump administration legacy is one of death

300,000 dead from Covid-19.
10 federal executions

The Donald Trump administration has a little more than one month to run. What will their legacy be?

It could be the administration of lies.
It could be the administration of grift.
It could be the administration of racism.
It could be the administration that tried to overturn a legitimate election.
It could be the administration that tried to subvert democracy.

What their legacy will be is the administration of death.

Because of their ineptness, more than three hundred thousand Americans have died of Covid-19. They were late in acknowledging it as a threat to the United States. They were late in closing up the borders. They were early in re-opening up the economy. They failed to listen to the science and scientists. All of this led to a spread of the disease that caused all the illness and loss of life.

In addition to this, the way they decided to attack the virus showed their lack of caring. Herd Immunity was their way to go.
“WE WANT THEM INFECTED” were the words from a high ranking administration official. When told this would lead to more infections, illness and death, “WE DON’T CARE” was the response.

The number of deaths in 2020 from Covid-19 has surpassed the military casualties from a decade of fighting in Vietnam. 3,500 died yesterday…sadly, a new record. Another 100, 000 are predicted to die before January 20.

Since July, the federal government has executed ten men. Five more executions are scheduled before the year’s end. The last previous federal execution was in 2003. Almost seventy percent of the country feels that the death penalty is barbaric and should be stopped. There is only one reason that the federal government resumed executions after seventeen years…..Donald Trump. Thirty years after taking out an ad calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, who were later found to be innocent, Trump gets to show his cruelty by putting ten men to death.

Historians will be talking about the last four years for generations to come. While they try to decipher what happened and why, they shouldn’t look past all the needless deaths caused by the current lame-duck administration. That’s the true legacy of Donald Trump.

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