Artists working Zoom birthday parties is an idea that is so 2020

Artists working Zoom birthday parties is an idea that is so 2020

As I was perusing Twitter yesterday, I noticed a man from Saratoga tweeting at music legend David Crosby:

Jerry from Saratoga I’m turning 55 tomorrow. Any chance I can hire you for an hour to play for my birthday? Zoom? I’m being serious. Dm me
David C– No chance ..but happy Bday

This led to me snarkily piping in:
C’mon Dave! Remember when Spicoli hired VanHalen to play his birthday party in Fast Times? There has to be a magic number that @garutch can come up to make it happen? Artists performing at Zoom parties are so 2020! Hell, I’d read from my blog for the right price.

Yeah, I was being a sarcastic ass, but after thinking it over, why the Hell not?!

2020 has been a horrible year for artists in all fields. Musicians can’t play live music due to the pandemic. No concerts mean no money. You don’t see any book sales events and tours. It’s pretty hard to sell books when you can’t get close enough to hear the author read from the book. Even Rachel Madow, who has a new book about Spiro Agnew, is doing two virtual events. TWO!! Have you been to an art gallery lately? Of course not! How can you buy a painting from a starving artist when you can’t see it..or even find a place open to buy one.

Hmmm….so maybe these birthday party gigs aren’t so outlandish after all? Money is tight and it doesn’t look much better for the first half of 2021, does it. A person has to do whatever they have to do to get by, right.

So again, I ask the question…what’s the magic number to make this happen? And Jerry, if Dave won’t do it, I’ll be glad to read to you from my blog. I can go on for at least an hour about Donald Trump. Plus, I’m sure I come cheaper than Crosby…much, much cheaper. Make me an offer!!

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