Are fans turning against Eric Clapton and Van Morrison for their anti-lockdown views and song?

Are fans turning against Eric Clapton and Van Morrison for their anti-lockdown views and song?

Your name is Eric Clapton. You’re a legendary musician who has had an incredible career of close to sixty years. Along with the incredible songs comes incredible wealth. Your net worth is an estimated four hundred-fifty million dollars.
Your name is Van Morrison. You’re also a legendary musician with a career of close to sixty years. Along with your incredible songs also comes incredible wealth. Your net worth is an estimated ninety million dollars.

Just because you’re famous and have lots of money doesn’t mean you haven’t been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, you aren’t worried about your next meal or if your landlord is going to evict you, but you’ve have been unable to play your music in public. What that means is there is no cash coming in. It won’t hurt you two so much, but what about the members of your band, crew and the venues that you normally play. Those are the folks that are really hurting….the little guys.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…it’s not so much the not playing that has you both riled up, it’s the scam of the entire thing. You two apparently think the whole thing is the government trying to hold you down. You think the virus is a scam, masks aren’t necessary and there’s no reason that everything shouldn’t be opened up and back to normal. Hmmm…I guess the close to two million deaths worldwide is a lie and part of that scam.

So to let people know how he really felt, Van wrote a song or three. Hmmm…I must have missed those while I was in my own personal lockdown. I guess he didn’t get the response he was expecting, so Van recruited Eric to sing and play on another anti-lockdown tune. That’s how we got “No More Lockdown”

I’m don’t know what kind of reaction either of them was expecting from this little ditty, but I doubt it was what I found on their Facebook pages. Here are some of the comments from Clapton’s feed:

“What were you thinking when you recorded the Van Morrison song…do you really believe what we are living through is a hoax… I love your music, I respect your talent…but I have lost respect for you.”

“Actually, you ruined Christmas for me this year. Was reading and listening to your and Van Morrison’s protest song today. I am so disappointed after having your songs by my side for 30 years, since I was at my first ever live concert together with my Dad when I was 14. I don’t understand this. We have about 900 deaths here in Germany every day. That’s like 2-3 plane crashes a day. It can’t be that you cheer the deniers of this disease or the fear spreading people who see democracy in danger about some security measures. That is why I have returned my tickets for the planned Munich concert next May. I am sorry, but I have to leave you after 30 years.”

“Shame on you for your irresponsible and destructive anti-mask song with Van Morrison. Used to be a fan, no longer. If you want to endanger your own life, fine. You both are as bad as Trump.”

Those are just three of the many comments on Clapton’s site. I could go on but I want to give Van his due:

“Please delay the release further. That track probably needs more brains, especially the lyrics.”

“I am so disappointed. Fame and wealth have not made you into caring people. Remember… your rights end where mine begin.
Do not come near me without a mask. I have a feeling you two have misjudged your fan base.”

“I have been a fan for 50 years, but your insufferable crankiness in later years has now become deadly. You should have used your considerable influence to promote public health. I’ll choose better music starting now.”

“Idiots think it’s fear or a hoax until it hits close to home and kills a loved one. So disappointed in Van and Eric. People are dying because of this exact negligent behavior and attitude. Immature. Selfish. Heartless. What good is money if you or a loved one is dead?? Pathetic set of morals but they haven’t had their feet in the ground for decades. Spoiled little selfish closeted rock stars who care more about their fans money than their health. Sad.”

Most of us have known that Van Morrison has been a putz for decades. Clapton, while not having that reputation, has had his own questionable moments. But most fans of theirs can separate the personal behavior from the music. It really didn’t make any difference or affect them. But this one does. By now we all know of someone who has had Covid-19 and most likely know someone who has died from it. The stance Clapton and Morrison has taken is offensive and shows a lack of understanding and compassion.

The real question is when this is over, will their angry fans return? Check back in the spring or summer of 2021.

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