We need a nationwide stay at home order to contain the Covid-19 pandemic

We need a nationwide stay at home order to contain the Covid-19 pandemic

11,000,000 cases of Covid-19 in the United States. ELEVEN MILLION!!
246,000 deaths.

We have not rounded the corner on the pandemic, folks. In the last ten days, we’ve seen new records set. New cases of Covid-19 have topped 100,000 every day. Each day brings a new single-day record that lasts for only until the next day. We’re seeing the positivity rate rise to shocking levels. South Dakota is closing in on a fifty percent level.

Medical professionals and facilities are taxed to their breaking point. Hospital beds are filled. Nurses are being asked to continue working even after they have tested positive for Covid-19.

It’s bad and it’s going to get worse. Even after being warned multiple times about not gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas, people are still making plans to do just that. Maybe not super-spreader events, but there’s little doubt that people will become ill from doing this.

Talking about super-spreader events, it’s evident that our lame-duck president has lost interest in the pandemic. Other than tweets lying about the fraudulent election results, we’ve only heard from him one time…and that was to claim credit for something that he had nothing to do with. Members of his staff test positive and become ill…he plays golf. More than one hundred-thirty members of the Secret Service test positive and become ill…he plays more golf. January 20,2021 can’t come soon enough.

What’s it going to take to end this pandemic?

The obvious answer is the vaccine. What we’ve been shown so far looks promising. The problem is it’s not going to be available for mass distribution soon enough. If we’re talking Spring at the earliest, the number of cases and deaths will likely double. That’s not acceptable.

Since there is no current vaccine, experts say wearing a mask and social distancing is the next best thing. You’d think this would be simple enough, right? But take a walk down your street and count the number of people that walk around maskless. Whether it’s because they feel it’s an invasion of their personal rights or they may have trouble breathing, or even as lame an excuse as their glasses fog-up, there’s an alarming amount of people that go without wearing a mask.

There’s only one answer right now….we need a national stay at home order to control the virus. Not a recommendation. Not an advisory. AN ORDER!!!

We’re starting to see things shut down again. Schools that were open for in-person learning have gone back to online teaching. Bars are closing. People are considering ordering their groceries online again. Indoor dining at restaurants is over. We’re back to eating outside. Soon it will be too cold, and too dangerous, for that. We’ll be back to curbside pickup only.

On Monday, Chicago will be starting a thirty-day stay at home advisory. It’s being recommended that we leave our homes only for school, work, picking up groceries and prescriptions, and getting takeout food. It’s also been recommended that our Thanksgiving plans include only people that live inside your household. If you want to involve more, do it virtually. Zoom Thanksgiving!

If all of this scares you, it’s meant to do exactly that.

Dr. Allison Arwady, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health said:

“The next few months, winter, the flu and COVID fatigue have the potential to truly create a catastrophe that could be avoided here. I am more worried about COVID right now than I have been since March.” 

I don’t think an advisory is enough. We need a lockdown…and not just in Chicago or Illinois. We need a national lockdown. Yes, I know our current administration doesn’t believe in that. Yes, I know our current leader again let us know that the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself. Yes, I know that this would cause businesses to close and cause financial hardships to many Americans. But, what difference does that make if you’re dead?!

It’s desperation time in the United States. Nothing that’s been tried so far has worked. Desperate times lead to desperate solutions. A national lockdown is needed now….before it’s too late.

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