Joe Biden is a much nicer guy than me

Joe Biden is a much nicer guy than me

It’s Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. If the rematch is anything like their first debate, it will be one wild and crazy night.

The debate begins like a championship boxing match. The two of them are feeling each other out. They’re trying to see what the other one has in his arsenal of weapons.

But, then Trump decides to go for the early knockout. He’s looking to land the biggest punch of the debate. It’s Hunter Biden time.

Hunter is getting money from Ukraine. Hunter is getting money from Russia. Hunter is getting money from China. Next is Hunter’s laptop. Then, breaking out an oldie from 2016, there’s Hunter’s emails. And, all of this trickles down to Joe….crooked Joe. On and on and on it goes.¬†Yada, yada, yada!!!

Don took his best shot and surprisingly, at least to Trump, Joe is still standing. Hell, the punches barely landed. Plus, Trump has opened the door for Joe to counter with concerns about the Trump children.

Here we go….Joe is about land his best shot on Ivanka for all her Chinese patents. He”ll double up with her making more than a hundred million dollars from her business while she simultaneously works a full-time gig at the White House. Joe has Don on the ropes and next he’ll hit him with Don Jr. taking the fifth while being questioned during the Mueller investigation. Finally, it’ll be the knockout uppercut on Eric for trying to ignore a subpoena and stealing from a children’s cancer charity.

The audience is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what’s about to occur and then…..

Not a single word about the Trump children came out of the mouth of Joe Biden. Either Joe felt it wasn’t necessary, or maybe he feels trashing children is out of bounds, or just maybe Joe Biden is one hell of a nice, stand-up guy. I like to think it’s the latter.

I have to admit, Joe Biden is is a hell of a lot nicer than I am. If someone had talked about my children like Trump did about Hunter, I not only would have countered with words, I would have raced over and punched him in the face. Hard. Damn the social distancing,

I guess it’s a good thing I’m not running for president. After the last four years of constant chaos, maybe all we need is someone with a calm demeanor. We need someone who won’t hit someone physically when they’re under attack. We need someone nicer than me. We need someone certainly nicer than Donald Trump.

Legendary baseball manager Leo Durocher once said, “Nice guys finish last.” I desperately hope that isn’t true in politics. In tens days, we’ll see if the citizens of the United States of America agree.

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