Donald Trump and Mike Pence never cared about the Covid-19 pandemic and care even less now

Donald Trump and Mike Pence never cared about the Covid-19 pandemic and care even less now

8.74 million cases of Covid-19 in the United States.
225,000 have died.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence don’t care.

Honestly, we’ve known this since the beginning of the pandemic. They showed us their true feelings, actually lack of feelings, when they rushed for a far too early re-opening of the country. Economy over health was the administration’s motto.

If they fooled you six months ago, take a look at their actions in the last month. Trump has been holding superspreader events at the White House. No masks. No social distancing. When attendees tested positive and became ill with the virus, the only thing Trump cared about was that it might put a damper on re-election efforts. Have you ever heard him say a word of concern about Chris Christie?

Even after he tested positive and became ill, Trump only cared about himself. Not a word of concern about his wife or youngest son, who both also tested positive. White House staff leaked that he whined and feared he would end up like one of his New York City friends or Herman Cain, both of who died.

When Don went to the hospital, he received special treatment that the general public would never get. I understand that the president of the United States will get that, but Trump took it to another level. Instead of staying in his room, he demanded a special office so he could show America that he was still hard at work for us. Did it matter that he put hospital personnel at greater risk? Of course not. He then followed up by demanding to take a limo ride around the hospital. Did it matter that he put his secret service protectors at greater risk? Of course not. He then goes home to the White House and instead of being quarantined in the residence, he comes back to work in the Oval Office. Again, it puts White House workers at greater risk. Again, Donald Trump doesn’t care.

That leads to this weekend. There’s another outbreak of Covid-19 at the White House. This time it hits the office of Vice-President Mike Pence. Five members of his staff have tested positive for Covid-19. Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short is among the five. Pence and Short are in constant side-by-side contact almost 24/7. When this occurs, everyone who has had contact is supposed to go into isolation for ten days. The keyword is supposed because Mike Pence has no intention of doing this. He announced that both he and his wife have tested negative, plus Pence was considered an essential employee. The essential thing Pence will be doing is holding campaign rallies in battleground states. Crowds of adoring supporters, packed in together to make it look like they are larger. No masks. No social distancing. Does he care that these events are putting people at risk? Of course not. Not when the election is one week away.

When people tell us who they are, we should believe them. Trump, Pence and their administration let us know who they are about this topic more than six months ago. Many of you didn’t believe them. You trusted them to be straight with you about something so important to all our lives. You trusted them to keep you safe.  Yet they continued with their behavior and even took it to a higher, more dangerous level. You believe them now, don’t you? Good…better late than never.

Remember all of this on election day. Let your vote show them that you care about Trump and Pence as much as they care about you.

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