Who is to blame for 200,000 dead Americans?

Who is to blame for 200,000 dead Americans?

We’ve reached a new pandemic milestone. Two hundred-thousand Americans have died. Sadly, because of the way our government is handling the pandemic, it’s estimated the number will double by year’s end.

While we mourn the souls that have been lost, there is plenty of blame to go around. Here’s five who get more than their share:

#5. Brian Kemp-Governor of Georgia
Remember when the coronavirus task force set-up guidelines for the reopening of states safely? Remember when Donald Trump immediately ignored them by Tweeting “Liberate!”?

Brian Kemp took him seriously. He reopened bars, restaurants, gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys almost as soon as he heard Trump’s word. That led to other southern state governors following Kemp’s lead by reopening their own states. That led to outbreaks of Covid-19 in states which had been doing a solid job of keeping their citizens safe and healthy.

All that occurred because Brian Kemp wanted to show he could be a good little Trump flunky.

#4. Kristi Noem-Governor of South Dakota
South Dakota had a spotless record in the fight against Covid-19. The keyword is had because all that started to change when the calendar turned to July 4.

Donald Trump decided he wanted to have a rally at Mount Rushmore. Just a few thousand people gathered together with no social distancing and very few of them wearing masks. It was all good with another Trump flunky, Kristi Noem.

She doubled down by allowing the yearly Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to go on. Five hundred thousand people packed this small town for ten days, against the wishes of the communities residents. Then, they headed home to spread the virus in their own communities.But, at least they brought major bucks to Sturgis and the rest of the state. The economy ruling over health…again.

She finished up by not canceling the South Dakota State Fair.

Since these three events, South Dakota has gone from being a model example of how to operate safely during the pandemic to being on a list of states that if you’ve been in, you’ll need to quarantine for fourteen days. Thanks, Kristi!

#3. Deborah Birx-Coronavirus Task Force Chair
While Mike Pence is the leader of the task force and Dr. Anthony Fauci is the voice of reason, Dr. Birx has the title of Chair. She’s the one who was brought on as the task force coordinator.

Birx is certainly qualified for the position. She has served as the United States AIDS coordinator since 2014.

She’s counted on to give good, professional medical advice, but occasionally strays from doing that. Birx sometimes backs up Trump’s wild, bizarre and unproven theories lies. Whether she does this to keep in Trump’s good favor or to keep her job, this gives credence to Trump’s ramblings.

By doing this, Deborah Birz has cost lives.

#2. China
The whole thing started in Wuhan. That’s fine, they couldn’t help that. But, their irresponsibility in the handling of the virus and their lies caused a worldwide pandemic.

#1. Donald Trump-President of the United States
Under normal circumstances, China would clearly get the top spot. However, the the administration of Donald Trump, the only thing normal is the abnormal. Everything he does either downplays the dangers of Covid-19 or is an outright lie. His delay in acting cost thousands of lives with many more becoming seriously ill.

Then, there’s his endorsements of ridiculous remedies, the far too early reopening of the economy and now, his touting and trying to force an approval of a vaccine that will be far from ready for public usage. Now he’s back to having rallies that have no social distancing and very few of his supporters wearing masks. Lately, he’s been talking nonsense about masks and how they not only are not helping, but may be spreading the virus.

All of this to try to win re-election!

When you add it all up, he’s the clear winner for the number one spot. Congrats, Don…you’ve done it again. But, this is nothing new. Whenever something goes bad in the USA, Trump’s fingerprints can usually be found all over it.

We’ve heard projections that the numbers will double. Four hundred thousand are expected to die from Covid-19 by year’s end. I’m guessing that when we assign blame for that, Trump will remain in the top spot.

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