Don't let the Hatch Act violations at the Republican National Convention be a distraction

Don't let the Hatch Act violations at the Republican National Convention be a distraction

The Hatch Act of 1939, An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law. Its main provision prohibits civil service employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president and vice president, from engaging in some forms of political activity.

The Republican convention is over. Thank Goodness! Four days of lies and darkness. Four days of breaking the more than two centuries traditions which separate governing and politics. Four days of Hatch Act violations.

Citizens were up in arms because government employees Mike Pompeo, Larry Kudlow, Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka Trump gave convention speeches in support of Donald Trump. In the Trump administration, there’s nothing unusual about this behavior; especially in the case of Conway, who in the last four years has committed multiple violations of the Hatch Act, with no repercussions.

While the public may be upset with these violations of laws and ethics, no one in power seems to care. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said,

“Nobody outside of the Beltway really cares. They expect that Donald Trump is going to promote Republican values and they would expect that Barack Obama, when he was in office, that he would do the same for Democrats. So listen, this is a lot of hoopla that’s being made about things, mainly because the convention has been so unbelievably successful.”

Then there’s the use of the White House as a political prop. First Lady Melania Trump gives a speech in the Rose Garden. Don gives his acceptance speech on the south lawn. They act as they own the property instead of it being the home of the American people.

Yeah, all this is unlawful and it’s fine to be disgusted by these abuses; but you need to get past this immediately. It’s time to move on from this. All this is nothing more than a distraction from what is really important.

181,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19.
Almost 600,000 Americans have been infected with Covid-19.
Lies about vaccines and therapeutics being available, approved and effective.
Trying to take away health care from more than twenty million Americans with the elimination of the Affordable Care Act.
One million Americans filed new unemployment claims last month.
American soldiers in Afghanistan were targeted by Russia and Putin without a response by Donald Trump.
Racial unrest throughout the United States.

We can go on with more because with Donald Trump there’s always more….so much more.

We’re entering the home stretch towards the 2020 Presidential election. November 3rd is only sixty-eight days away. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to forget about Hatch Act violations and focus on moving on from the failed Trump presidency. In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump turned and pointed behind him to the White House. He said, “We’re here and they’re not.” That needs to change on January 20, 2021.

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