Three musical groups I'll try to learn to like during the coronavirus quarantine: Journey, Van Halen and the Dave Mathews Band

Three musical groups I'll try to learn to like during the coronavirus quarantine: Journey, Van Halen and the Dave Mathews Band

Thursday afternoon I’m getting ready to take an afternoon nap. It’s a daily activity while we are under quarantine conditions. Okay…I’m not fooling anyone…it’s a daily activity under normal conditions.

I got under the covers and decided to have some background music. I  found a classic rock station and started my rest period. There was music from The Who, Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, and I drifted off to sleep. I awoke about an hour later to a live version of “Light My Fire” by The Doors.

While listening to the song, I was wondering what the members of the band were up to so I started to Google. I knew Jim Morrison had died close to fifty years ago. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek died from cancer in 2013. I was checking up on drummer John Densmore, when I came across this article, written by music critic Mikal Woods, in the Los Angeles Times.

The gist of the piece is he hates The Doors, but is willing to give them another opportunity to change his mind while he’s under quarantined conditions.

My thoughts were this is a cool idea. I wonder if I have any bands like this? Could my mind be changed?

I really don’t have any musical artists that I would describe with the word hate.  I came up with three whose music does nothing for me and most people seem to like. Journey, Van Halen and Dave Mathews Band top my list.

You would think that Journey and Van Halen would be at the top of my play list. Journey was formed by two members of Santana, a band that I loved. Van Halen is extremely guitar-centric and so am I. You’d think that would be right in my wheelhouse of music. I just could never get into either of them. Their music leaves me cold. Whenever I hear it, I’m looking another station. I guess I’m just not belivin’ in either of them.

DMB is a little different. I’m not as familiar with their catalog as I am with the first two bands. Howwever, when I hear them, it leaves me blah. Don’t like em…don’t hate em…just a blah nothing. Music shouldn’t be like that. You hear a piece and you should feel something. Even if that something is disgust, at least you’re feeling. Better that than nothing at all.

I’m willing to do the challenge on these three bands, that Mikal Woods is doing with The Doors. I’m going to give them a chance to change my mind. Over the next three weeks, I’l be listening to their music. Each band gets a week. We’ll start with Journey because they’ve been around the longest. The next three Saturdays, I’ll report my findings. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

I’m hoping at least one of these bands can change my opinion of them. If nothing else it’ll kill some time while being stuck inside the house. We’re all looking for that!

So….let’s get the party and the music started. I’m ready to “Jump” into this assignment. Might as well jump.

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