Are you surprised Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn't been fired yet?

Are you surprised Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn't been fired yet?

Donald Trump~”We can not let the cure be worse than the problem itself. At the end of the fifteen day period, we will make a decision as to which way we want to go.”

Have you been watching the daily Coronavirus updates from the White House? If not, kudos on your great decision making, but here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve been missing:

It starts with Donald Trump at the podium. He rambles on about how great a job he is doing. Next he lies about testing, cures and medical supply availability. Then, he’ll take some questions which gives him the opportunity beat up on the media for fake news.

Next come Trump’s toadies. It’s usually Mike Pence, who gives a little useful information and then spends the majority of his time sucking up to his boss. Occasionally Trump will bring in a guest speaker like Mike Pompeo or Bill Barr. They bring nothing to the table, but in a show of loyalty, they’ll get on their knees to praise Trump. That makes Don happy, which is what he cares about most.

In the background stands our nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases. Dr. Anthony Fauci watches the daily dog and pony show and you can tell by his body language that he thinks everything he’s hearing is crap.

Watch his face as Trump lies. You can see him subtly shake his head in disgust. Other times he’s rolling his eyes like a teenage boy does to his parents. Watch him fold his arms in front of his body. You know he wants to call out Trump, but there’s nothing he can do.

When questioned about the truthfulness of Donald Trump in this crisis, Fauci responded:

“I know, but what do you want me to do? I’m trying my best. I can not do the impossible.”

There’s a reason Tony Fauci has his current position. You don’t serve six presidents on domestic and global health issues unless you’re an expert on the subject. This is a man whose work on HIV/AIDS has saved millions of lives worldwide. He’s forgotten more on this topic than the entire Trump administration ever knew.

Dr. Fauci is trying his best. He’ll go on the nightly news talk shows and give you the facts. Tony Fauci has been the one person Americans can trust. When Trump lies about specific drugs that can cure the virus, Fauci contradicts him. When Trump lies about statistics and timelines, Fauci disputes him. At a time where everyone is under enormous stress and anxiety, Fauci has been the calming presence we need. Fauci has been the person that gives us the truth. We might not like the truth we’re hearing, but it’s better than the Trump lies that can and will kill thousands of our people. Facts are better than fiction.

The one thing Donald Trump values most is loyalty to him. It has to be shown often and to as many people as possible. Dr. Fauci has shown his loyalty is to the American people. That can’t sit well with the Donald. It’s amazing that Fauci still has his job. In the last couple of days, Fauci hasn’t been to the White House circus. The relationship between Trump and Fauci is fractured.

It’s obvious that Donald Trump wants to end the quarantine period and get everyone back to work as soon as possible. The economy is tanking and, as usual, he doesn’t want to take the blame. Plus, this pandemic has been putting a halt to his rallies. He needs to get back to his people where he can spout his garbage about Biden and the media. He’ll need this to occur sooner than later. My guess is he’ll go for that immediately after the fifteen period comes to end next week. He cares more about saving big business, the stock market and his presidency than saving lives. Dr. Fauci is going to oppose this strongly…and publicly. That will be deal breaker for Trump. Actually, I’m surprised it didn’t happen after the first rebuttal.

Dr. Fauci, thanks for your doing your best. Thanks for trying to save us. With Donald Trump in charge, that’s all anyone can do.

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