If you're happy Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer, be better

If you're happy Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer, be better

When it comes to politics, I don’t agree with a single thing that comes out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh. Not one! As far as his personal life, I hear he likes golf and Hawaii, so we have that commonality, but that’s it. I can’t think of too many personalities I dislike more than Rush….well maybe Don and Hannity…maybe. And yet on Monday, I felt sad for him and was hoping he gets well.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh announced he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I’m thinking stage three or four. The responses have been all over the board. Everything from well wishes and thoughts & prayers to karma and hope he dies…and soon. If you’re part of the latter group…STOP! IMMEDIATELY!

The odds of getting cancer these days is one in four. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT! Think of it this way, if you’re a family of four, take a look around your nightly family dinner table. The chances are one of you will be getting cancer at some point in your lifetime. Scary, isn’t it….and I mean to scare you!

We all know people who have had cancer….some might even be you. We all know people who have died of cancer….multiple people. Remember the pain person with cancer went through? Remember the grief of the survivors that never goes away? Remember the families that lost a young parent or even worse a child, and were damaged forever? How could you know this and still want Rush and his family to go through it?

Look, I know Rush Limbaugh is a dick…and that’s being nice. What he said when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was diagnosed with her cancer was cruel and disgusting. His mocking of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson Disease was also cruel and disgusting. When he had his own issues with addiction to opioids and showed no compassion or empathy to others with the same problem, that was cruel and disgusting, too. Like I said, he’s a bad person. That doesn’t mean you have to be a bad person, too. You don’t have to be like him, be better. Be kind.

So to Rush Limbaugh…I wish you well. I hope you get better soon. I look forward to hating your politics again soon.

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