It's another Mother's Day without my mom

It's another Mother's Day without my mom

Motherless children have a hard time when mother is dead, lord.
They don’t have anywhere to go;
Wandering around from door to door.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead, lord.

The other day I saw some friends talking about being part of the ‘My mother is dead and it sucks club.’ All of them are relatively new members. Their mothers died five years ago or less. I’m in that club, too. A veteran member. Sixteen years! Yeah, it sucks. It sucked when it first happened. It sucks a decade and a half later. It’ll suck until I’m dead.

Whenever there’s a major event in my families life, I usually think about my mother.  I know how she much she would have loved to have been there. She missed one of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. She missed another daughter’s wedding. She’s missed graduations of all her grandchildren. It’s not only the big moments when you miss her. A lot of times, you just want to pick up the phone and call your mother. Just hearing her voice would be comforting. It’s painful to realize that will never again happen.

I know five people who will be spending their first Mother’s Day without their mom. It will be a brutal day for all of them. Their grief will be up front and raw. Telling them that it will get better as the years pass won’t help…although it’s true. It does get better, but the pain never goes completely away. At some point the good memories will take over the grief, but not on the first Mother’s Day without your mom….and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with grieving and feeling bad. At least you’re still feeling.

For those of you who still have your mother, happy Mother’s Day. For those who don’t and are mourning, I wish you peace. Keep your memories and your grief in your heart.

Father will do the best he can;
So many things a father can’t understand.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead, lord.

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