Is Barron Trump a paid actor?

Is Barron Trump a paid actor?

It’s Christmas at the White House. The building is decked out for the holiday. Time for the traditional seasonal photograph.

The tree is lovely. Don and Melania are dressed to the nines. It’s wonderful scene. It’s a wonderful portrait. There’s only one thing missing….


Supposedly, Potus and Flotus have a twelve year old son…supposedly. I know that children living in the White House traditionally stay out of the public eye. They try to lay low and keep a semblance of a private life. They’re allowed to grow up like a normal child. But this is a family photo. We’re told Barron is part of the Trump family. Hence, he should be in the picture, right….unless he’s really an actor that the Trumps hire and bring out occasionally when needed.

Look, I realize this sounds bizarre but hang with me for a little longer. Think of all the times we would expect to see an eleven year old boy with his family and there’s nothing…nada…zip! It’s not just a Christmas picture!

Let’s go back to the start of the administration. January 2017. Donnie moved into the White House, trying to make America something and Melania decided to stay in New York City. They said that they didn’t want to change Barron’s school in the middle of a year. They didn’t want to mess up his routine. So Melania stayed at Trump Tower for about six months. During that time did we ever see a picture of mother and child together? Did any photographer take a picture of Barron at school? You’d think in New York, there would be enough paparazzi trying to make some cash by getting a pic of either, wouldn’t you?

The answer to this is simple. There’s no Barron. There’s no school. Melania just didn’t want to live with Donald. You can’t blame her, can you?

There were many other occasions that Barron was unexpectedly out of site:
Multiple family weekends to Mar-a-Lago. No Barron.
All the solo trips that Melania made to do whatever it is she does. No Barron.
Eric and Donnie Jr. out on safari to kill innocent animals as trophies. No taking their little bro?

And then there was Melania’s surgery. Remember when she was going to have some minor adjustment and it turned into what seemed to be a month long absence. She had lots of visitors. Her husband even made an occasional appearance. You’d think a mother in her condition would want to see her young son. You’d think a young son would want to see his ailing mommie. Again nothing.

Now if you’re a fan of Barron’s, don’t despair. It looks like there will be plenty of roles to play shortly. The election of 2020 is around the corner. The Trump base loves that traditional family thing. Of course, it doesn’t matter that this is Don’s third traditional family, they love Melania and little Barron and love to see them all together.

That makes scenes like this one possible.
See, there’s actor Barron with Dad acting like he cares about the kid. Hey look, they even brought out the actor who plays daughter Tiffany….don’t get me started on her. Hmmm…I wonder what the going rate is for these parts? Independent contractors….wonder if they ask┬áthe Donald to pay them in advance?


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