Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Mike Pence: Second thoughts?

Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Mike Pence: Second thoughts?

It was a short twenty minute meeting. A nothing burger. There was a time I didn’t know the Trumps.

These are certainly strange times. Every day there’s something new coming out of the White House…most of it is troubling. If the general public is stressed by all the revelations, you can only imagine what the people who work for #45 think.

The quotes at the top are words said by Conway, Priebus and Pence. It usually takes less than twenty-four hours before the Trump family makes their words sound foolish. That was about the timeline for this one.

Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus are bright, well-spoken people….most of the time. They both played major roles in electing the fool that is now President. It wasn’t an easy job. You have to give them and the Russians credit for that. Congrats guys. But then they went all in. They took jobs in the White House working for a guy who doesn’t have a clue. Okay…I get that, too. It’s a chance to shape policy and make a difference…not to mention the power.

But I bet they never figured they’d be babysitters and apologists for the Trump children. Turns out that working for 45 is like dating a person who has children. It’s a package deal. You might love the person but you better find a way to love the kids, too or there’s trouble. Kellyanne, Reince and Mike found trouble.

Here are words I never thought I would type…poor Kellyanne. First she has to defend little Ivanka’s fashion line. She gets in trouble for saying she was going¬†buy some shoes. Now there’s this with Junior and Jared.

Here are more words I never thought I would type…poor Reince. First, what the Hell is a Nothing Burger. It sounds like what I order at McDonald’s….just the sandwich plain. On Sunday, Reince says to Chuck Todd it’s nothing. A day later, Junior makes Reince look like a schmuck.

Then there’s Mike Pence…Vice-45. He’s been such a good company man for the last year. There’s nothing that his boss can do that he can’t explain away. He loves his wife, family and God. Nothing wrong with that and when he says that stuff, it rings true. He doesn’t have a single political view that I agree with, but I buy into his character. You have to believe that all this crap was wearing him down. Does he have a breaking point? Looks like he does because he threw his boss and the kids under the bus. The explanation¬†is he’s getting ready to be President but that would be cynical and I’m above that (eyeroll).

But hey….it’s jut another day in D.C.

These jobs don’t pay that much. Kellyanne and Reince make $170,000ish/year. Mike makes $230,7000. They can all do better in the private sector. You can easily picture all of them going home each night and pounding their head against the wall and wondering if it’s all worth it. Kellyanne, Reince and Mike….is it?


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