Don't they know my mother is dead?

Motherless children have a hard time when their mother is dead, lord.
Nobody treats you like a mother will when your mother is dead, lord.

What do you call Mother’s Day when your mother has passed on? Sunday.

It’s hard to get away from Mother’s Day. If you walk into a grocery store, the first thing you’ll see is a display of Mother’s Day flowers. If you walk into Walgreens, there are aisles of Mother’s Day candy. Even the news lets you know about the weather for Mother’s Day and will warn you to allow more travel time because the roads will be jammed with cars filled by Mother’s Day celebrants.

All of this is a reminder that Mother’s Day is this Sunday and it’s a reminder that my mother is no longer here to celebrate. It’s a reminder of how much my mother has missed in the last thirteen years.

The grandchildren that were young a decade and a half ago are now all grown up. The ones that were older now have children of their own. Five great-grandchildren she never met. Her own children are all still alive (knock on something), doing fine and don’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The world has changed since 2003. I wonder what my mom would say about the Cubs winning the World Series and Donald Trump becoming President all in the same week?

So what’s a guy without a mother suppose to do on Mother’s Day? It’s like being Jewish on Christmas Day except the Chinese restaurants and movies will be filled with people celebrating with their moms. Like I said earlier, it’s just another Sunday so that means watching the news shows, getting bagels and then it’s Cubs playing the Cardinals.

Yep…it’s just another day. It’s another day of missing my mom.


The lyrics at the top are from the song “Motherless Children”

Here’s a little more upbeat post from last years Mother’s Day.

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