Is playing video games instead of writing procrastinating?

Is playing video games instead of writing procrastinating?

It’s the last Wednesday of the month so it’s time for another episode of ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooz-Hour. Here’s how it works. We get a topic and we have an hour to write a post about that topic. It’s not mandatory to play so sometimes I do and sometimes not.

Tonight’s topic is “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate”.

Hmmmm…..I still haven’t decided whether to write about this. Maybe I’ll do it later. HA!!

Seriously, I really don’t procrastinate (even though it’s taken me 40 minutes to start this. The serious things in my life I prioritize. It’s the little things that I seem to put off. My motto for that is there’s always tomorrow.

For those little things, I don’t call it procrastination. I just think it’s finding something better to do.

Now there is this one thing that I know I absolutely have procrastinated about. About two years ago I had this idea to write a children’s book. The plan was to be finished by the end of 2016. Didn’t happen. No biggie because there’s always 2017. So we’re three months into the year and where are we? Well….I did finish the first draft. But I did that by the end of January. Since then…nothing, nada, zip!

I keep putting off meeting with the person doing the illustrations (which is very important) and have put off the submission process. Why? I have no idea!

I had plans to do some of that today and found something else to do. Oh yeah, it was important to do that. I went to a new grocery store and hung out there playing video games. In my defense, the games were free today. Three hours of Frogger & Ms. Pacman vs talking business? Free games are going to win every time!

But yanno what….just writing this is changing my way of thinking. No more procrastinating about the book. Tomorrow I get serious about “Mommy…Daddy…I Want To Play The Guitar” (yeah, that’s the name of the book). All the bullshit ends on Thursday.

Unless….Frogger is still free. frogger

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