I'm banning Donald Trump from my blog

I'm banning Donald Trump from my blog

I don’t ask for much from life. Food, shelter, music, a little cash and just a day or two without a Donald Trump meltdown. Like I said, not much, right?

That’s one of the reasons I took off for a few days last week. Mostly it was to hang out with friends but getting a break from the news was a bonus. Sigh, I was asking too much.

Friday, February 24-BREAKING NEWS!! Oh man…not another one of these Breaking News things. Shit…what did he do now? Yeah, he banned those damn enemies of the American people from the press briefing. The failing New York Times-OUT! L.A. Times-NOPE! CNN-UH UH! Politico & Buzzfeed-OUTSIDE! That solves all the problems! Sheesh!

I think what pisses me off more than the banning is the other media groups didn’t walk out in support. Show some solidarity with your brothers & sisters of the press.

But not me! I know it was only one day and everyone is back again but there has to be repercussions. We can not continue to let him abuse the press and the first amendment. So I’m making a stand!


It’s not a permanent ban. It’s just a grounding. I’m treating him like he was in high school. I figure two weeks is good. He can come back on March 13th, if he doesn’t do anything like this during his banishment. I think that’s a 50-50 proposition.

And while we’re at it, I’m banning Sean Spicer and Mike Pence, too. Spicer because he was the mouthpiece who issued the ban and also had his employees turn in their phones to see if they were leaking info to the press. Pence because I figure he’ll be President sooner than later and I want to show him I can’t be bullied.

In fact, I’m banning all of them, except Kellyanne Conway. I know she lies to us every time she opens her mouth but she entertains me. Besides, without her, that just leaves us Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who can’t even say “BS” on television without apologizing to her mommy. C’mon lady…you’re an adult. Your Mom and God won’t be offended if you say bullshit on tv. So Kellyanne, you’re good, if they ever let that spouting bullshit mouth of yours back on the air.

These guys are like the Nazi fraternity Omega’s from Animal House and the rest of us are the Delta’s. As Bluto played by John Belushi said towards the end of movie: “Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Pence, he’s a dead man! Spicer, dead! Trump, DEAD!!!”

These guys don’t know it, but until March 13th, they’re on double secret probation!

Here’s my piece about Trump and the enemies of the American people.

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