Kellyanne Conway ruined my Sunday

Kellyanne Conway ruined my Sunday

Sunday will never be the same.
I lost my Sunday song.
Will not be back again.

It was going to be a kick back Sunday. Nothing major planned. Nothing different than most Sundays.

It always starts with Meet The Press because if it’s Sunday then it must be Meet The Press. Followed by a little reading, some tennis and a Law & Order episode. See…told you it was kick backed.

Suddenly it’s 12:30ish and I’m thinking about getting out and having some lunch. I was thinking Mushroom Barley soup. It’s cold outside and that would warm me up. But I made a mistake before leaving….a big mistake. I checked to see what was on television. It was almost time for the replay of the Fox Sunday morning news show with Chris Wallace. His guest this week is Kellyanne Conway. OY!

I don’t usually watch this show but I’m okay with Chris. He’s fair…especially for someone who works for Fox. Plus I’m not totally anti-Fox News. If nothing else I believe in watching to see what the enemy thinks. As for Kellyanne, she’s really smart and well spoken but she sold her soul for money & power so that makes her dangerous if not the devil. I always walk away shaking my head whenever I’m done watching her but for some reason I always come back. Plus after last weeks “alternative facts” debacle, I had to see what was going through her brain. It was going to be good tv.

It starts with her defending the immigration mess, which is to be expected. Nothing earthshaking there.But then the interview turned to the press. She started with how the media was making jokes about her “alternative facts” rap when the truth was she “tore them all new ones” last Sunday. Hmmm…maybe that explained why Chuck Todd was squirming in his chair this morning. Guess his new one hasn’t healed yet. I’m now wondering how George Stephanopoulos and John Dickerson are sitting tonight.

Then it was time to take on the nation’s newspapers. Not only were they wrong about Trump but they blatantly lied about him. Did you know those lies cost the papers money, readership  and hurt it’s shareholders. She wanted…no…she needed to know when people were going to get fired for telling lies?

Yanno….I’m wondering the same thing about Kellyanne for what happened last week. Oh yeah, I forgot….”alternative facts”.

Her segment ended with Chris asking if he was torn a new one and she assured him it was all good. Phew! I was worried she might have ruined the Trump administration’s relationship with Fox.

It was time to get out and see the world but I noticed I wasn’t hungry anymore. Kellyanne took away my appetite in less than ten minutes. She really is one of the most powerful women in the world.

I still needed to eat something so I checked the cabinet and found a box of Reese’s Pieces. One of those movie style big ass boxes. I downed the entire box in five minutes. I followed that up by eating a box of Raisinets. I don’t even like chocolate that much and have no idea why I bought those things. Maybe I knew Kellyanne was going to be on television and I would need some comfort food. Either that or she’s turned me into a 60 year old woman that you find on dating sites saying how they crave chocolate. Whatever it is, it wasn’t a good thing.

I’m sure the combination of Kellyanne and binge eating junk was what caused my stomach to ache and left me nauseous. I can’t wait to tell my Gastroenterologist that the reason I need to see her again is Kellyanne Conway.

So I took a little nap…if you call two hours little…and suddenly it was 6 o’clock pm. Another day shot to Hell. Might as well see what’s going to be on television tonight. Hmmm…it’s the Tom Brokaw 50 years at NBC special. I love Tom. He’s my main newsdude. This should be good. I’m pretty sure Kellyanne isn’t going to be on this show.

Hmmm….I’m kinda hungry now, too. Think I’ll head to Whole Foods and get some chicken. Oh look…they have mac & cheese, too. Yummm….thanks Tom. I feel better now.

Now I know I really shouldn’t be watching Kellyanne. In theory, I do know better. Did I learn anything today? Ask me again next Sunday.

Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday

The lyrics at the top and bottom of the post are from songs by Spanky and Our Gang  & U2.

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