Donald Trump, antisemitism and the 4th of July

Donald Trump, antisemitism and the 4th of July

A wall to keep out Mexicans.
No Muslims allowed into the country.
That’s my African-American.

You had to wonder when your group was the next to be slurred. Donald Trump waited until two days ago to get to Jews. Saturday. Shabbat Shalom!

On a day where all the talk should have been about Hillary meeting with the FBI and Bill meeting with the Attorney General, Trump and his people couldn’t help themselves. OOPS!! Foot in mouth…AGAIN!

Yeah, I know, it was a mistake. It’s a regular star, not the Star of David. He didn’t mean it to be antisemitic. It was a staff member who put up the tweet and on and on and on. I kinda believe that. I mean no one would post that kind of stuff on purpose, would they? Except…it happens too often with the Trump campaign. Too many excuses, too many times. Plus, it sure didn’t take long for them to take down the tweet and replace the star with a circle. Btw Don, it looks better if you man up and take responsibility for this stuff instead of always blaming your staff interns. After all the tweets are on the REAL Donald Trump site. Sigh!

It was a day of bad timing for the Donald. In addition to the Clinton troubles, Elie Wiesel died. At a time where the world is honoring a man known for spending his life fighting bigotry and intolerance, Don is doing spin control, trying to deflect his bigotry and intolerance. Oh the irony!

As if the above isn’t bad enough, he does this on 4th of July weekend. Happy Independence Day! Yanno….where we all celebrate becoming a country that gives everyone the freedom and opportunity to follow the beliefs of our choice. Yep….Mexicans, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, Women, Jews, etc. Yep…Trump has found a way to offend all these groups.

I think we should start a pool to guess who Trump will slur next. Better do it quick. It should happen by the end of this week…or less.

As once again Trump was looking foolish, Bill Clinton said this: “One person of integrity can make a difference. For so many, he was that difference.”

He was talking about Elie Wiesel. Too bad for us that no one will ever say the same thing about Donald Trump.


Happy 4th. When I started this blog, I never dreamed I would write a single post about Donald Trump, much less four. Here’s the first one. I wonder what will be next?

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