I'm Not Losing A Daughter...Well, Yeah I Really Am

I'm Not Losing A Daughter...Well, Yeah I Really Am

It really happened. My daughter is now married. It was a beautiful day and weekend. It was also very emotionally draining. I hear that’s the way it’s suppose to be and I’m not a real wuss. Okay…maybe both.

We’ve known this day has been coming for about a year and still it’s more than a little surreal. I know it’s a circle of life thing but it’s not easy to walk your baby down the aisle and hand her over to start a new life. I thought I was managing well until I saw people crying. I’m not naming names but you both know who you are and I hate you both!! A LOT!! 🙂

Seriously, we all love the new husband. He’s such a nice guy and very respectful. Late last year, he sent me a text message…

Mr. Moore, can we have lunch this weekend or next week or the following week?

Way to firm up a date to ask if you can marry my daughter!!!

The lunch did go well. He looked a little nervous…okay more than a little….so I didn’t even make him work very hard. Pretty much let’s get this question over and have a burger.

But c’mon….this story isn’t about the newlyweds; it’s about me. Hey, it’s my blog, right?

The bride to be informs me there are only three things she needs from me. I need to walk her down the aisle. Oy but done. No tears there. It was sweat, from the 92 degree day, coming out of my eyes.

Second, I need to give a Father of the Bride toast. Easy, peasy. Yeah, not so much. I figured I’d start with a remembrance of the grandparents and her oldest sister, who are all  now residing in whatever afterlife spectrum you buy into. When I came up with this idea a couple of months ago it sounded good in theory. In practice…yeah, not so much. Cracked voice and more sweat coming out from my eyes. OY!

Third, I needed to come up with a song for the Dad/Daughter Dance.  Really easy peasy!! I tell her “In My Life” by The Beatles. She responds that she doesn’t know the song and will listen to it on YouTube.


Turns out she loves the song and it’s all good. My faith in mankind is renewed and it leads to this moment…

daddaughterdance Not only do I get to dance with a beautiful girl, which makes me look better, but she learned the words to the song and we were singing it as we were dancing. Oh man, the sweat keeps coming from my eyes.

All in all, it was a very special weekend. Exhausting but no complaints. I’m sure you realize how much I love the girl in the white dress and how happy I am for her. She’s found a guy who loves her, respects her and will there for her during good and bad times. What more can the father of a daughter ask.

So here’s to my daughter, Kimi and her new husband, David. May they have a sweet life together. And one more word….grandchildren!




Here’s a some songs about weddings that fit the occasion. You can even find the Daddy/daughter dance tune in this list.

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