How Do You Know That You're Done With Therapy?

I’ve had a therapist for about three years. Actually, it’s three therapists. Apparently I’m so messed up I send them running off….go figure.

My first one was recommended  when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I’ve talked about this numerous times. You’re body will be constantly changing. Your brain is slowing down, too. Parkinson’s patients tend to get depressed at some point. It’s at a 40% higher rate than the general population. It’s helps to have someone to help you deal with all of that…it helps a lot.

More good news….you don’t have to talk to her or him about just that!! In three years we’ve covered everything you can think of. Parents, children, siblings, death, friends, marriage, divorce, sex, lack of sex, death, afterlife…shit, I’m worn out just mentioning the topics. Did I mention death? Yeah, I seem to have a problem there…go figure.

Last year I decided I was done with therapy. I was doing pretty well and thought I could go it on my own. Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Things happen. Children decide to get married, Cancer, trust issues…all at the same fucking time. Yeah, it happens…go figure.

But it’s close to a year later and all those things are over and done with. The kid is married…phew. The Cancer is gone…PHEW!! The trust thing I figured out..sorta. Phew, I guess.

So I was wondering, am I done with therapy?

I’ve mentioned before that I know a lot of therapists. I think the number is 10. TEN!! Geez. I occasionally like to ask them stuff like this. I try to mix it up so I can conceal the fact from them all that I really am more than a little unbalanced.

We have a new blogger named Steph who is a therapist. I asked her how do you know when you’re done? She referred me to an article from which I related to two items.
1. You Feel Better About Yourself
2. You’re No Longer Dependent On Your Therapist

Done and Done!

One other thing is I have another place to vent about my supposed issues. HERE!!! Instead of talking to one person I can vent, whine, bitch, complain to thousands in a hundred different countries. Okay I exaggerate about the thousands but the hundred countries is true and really…how much cooler is that than just talking to one person for an hour every week?

My therapy appointment is every Friday. Most weeks I’ve already written about what I’m telling her. Seems a bit redundant.

After three years, I’m pretty much all talked out. I’m sorta ready to go it on my own. Pretty much and sorta are scary words but the worst that will happen is I head back into therapy again. I have an end date in mind….December 31, 2015. New year, new life.

Hey..the worst that will happen is I get another therapist. Four in four years. OY!!

There’s always you guys!! OY

Btw…since this is supposedly a Gallery, here’s some photos of famous real and fictional mental health professionals. Don’t worry, none of the ten I know in real life are here.


This has been another blog for Gallery Week. I have one more to go on Alternative Treatments but it will have to wait until Monday. I know…that makes it more than a week but get over…I already have! In the meantime, here’s a piece about hugging your therapist.

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