It's Okay To Hug Your Therapist

If you’ve read this blog over the last year, it’s pretty common knowledge that I have a therapist.

Here’s how it went down. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 18 months ago, one of my doctors recommended it. He said your body is going to be going through a lot of changes and it might be good to have someone you can talk to about what you’re going through.

BobN93 I figured it wouldn’t hurt so about a year ago, I started therapy. After two or three sessions, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe that you could talk about the most personal stuff and that someone would listen without judging.

During one of the early sessions, we were talking about something very deep and personal. I’m pretty sure that was the day I became attached to my therapist. I don’t mean relationship or sexual attached. That was the day I figured out I could trust her with whatever I tell her. I felt safe.

After that session, I was physically and emotionally spent. I stood up to leave and was about to hug her but quickly thought it might be inappropriate. No hug. No biggie.

As the year went on, we continued to talk and work. Most were normal discussions. There were two very intense and emotionally draining sessions dealing with a friend’s death. Even after those, no hugs. No biggie.

A few months ago, I was involved in a Facebook discussion about therapy. One question was is it okay to hug your therapist? Some said yes, some said no. Very helpful.

I then asked a therapist friend the question. The answer was it depends on the therapist. Also very helpful.

About six weeks ago, my therapist told me she was taking another job at a local hospital. I would have loved to go with her but it was a different type of practice.

Frazier I knew I needed a new therapist. I’m not quite ready to graduate. It took a couple of weeks but I found a new therapist. I’m happy with her so far. We still have some bonding to do but I think we’ll get there.

In the meantime, therapist #1 was still around so for the last month I’ve been seeing both of them. Two sessions a week. I’ve been juggling two women….wow…that’s a first. Actually it’s been weaning off one while learning about another.

That came to an end yesterday. I had my final session with my original therapist. She’s moving on and so am I.

I had a few things that I wanted to talk about and then I told her the story about the hugging. Her answer was pretty much the same…it depends on the therapist. OY!! C’MON!!

The session ended. I got up to leave. We had a nice hug goodbye. It’s been one Hell of a year. I wonder if it’s okay to hug my new therapist?


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