My Doctor Dropped an F-Bomb

If you read this blog even occasionally you know I have a lot of doctors. I think the number is seven but I occasionally lose count. That’s why I was at this doctor’s office a couple of days ago.

I’ve been having some short term memory problems. Simple stuff like days of the week. What month it is.

More important things like doing some research on a subject and then when Google pops up, forgetting what I wanted to see. By the way, Google has a cool display for the first day of Spring…check it out. I forget my children’s names. Oh God..please don’t let me become my mother “Howard, Randy, Debby, Alan” still haunts me.

Most likely it’s an aging thing. My long term memory is fine. Ask me about the kids in 4th grade, no problem. Ask me what was for lunch today, well…I forgot to eat lunch. See?

So when someone already has a neurological issue with one disease, it’s easy to see why he might be concerned, even though there’s not a proven connection between Parkinson’s and Dementia/Alzheimers. Keyword is proven…research is being done on this.

I made an appointment to see my new primary physician. Btw…I still haven’t dumped my old one yet. Maybe that’s why I have…what did i say…10 doctors? Anyway it’s off to see Dr. T.

I’ve only seen him three times. Once for a bad cough and two other times to fill out forms that got me free train/bus transportation. Cool dude!!

We did a little rapport building and then got down to business. He asked why I was there and I explained in detail. He listened intently, shaking his head, and then he started to enter the data into his tablet.

There’s typing…more typing..backspacing..typing…and then he said the magic words, “Fuck! I keep fucking this up! Oh sorry for my French.”

I’m laughing and then so is he. I told him he was the first doctor I ever heard say anything like that. It was real. It was cool. Dr. T. is a regular guy….I like that.

We went through a couple of more things and then he set me up with a referral to see a neurologist and also for a physical.

It really is great when you can find a doctor that you makes you feel comfortable. He’s off for a couple of weeks vacation. The physical is scheduled for April 7. I’m so fucking looking forward to it.

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