Denial Is Not A River

Michael J. Fox  Last week Michael J. Fox and I received some disturbing news. Mike’s self -titled television show was cancelled and I received a decision on my disability claim. To quote Wayne or Garth, I forget which one, from Wayne’s World, “Stairway Denied.”

Obviously Mike can handle the financial hit a little..well a whole lot better than me, but I’ll be fine, too.

You may think I’m sounding upbeat about this but it’s what I expected. I read that 85-90% of claims are denied the first time around. I’ve also had a week to process this, so I’m ok….now.

Here’s the big question…what does this mean for me? It doesn’t look like I’ll be spending March in Florida, oh well. Btw…what kind of person spends all winter in this shitty weather and then when it’s about over, heads to warmer climes?  It also means I’m not driving cross country to pick up the rest of the states I need to see all 50, except Alaska.

The funny…ha ha & peculiar thing is I have no idea if I can still drive. It’s been almost two years and I think almost every state frowns on someone popping a couple of Valiums and getting behind the wheel of a car. Well except maybe Colorado.

Back to the denial and it’s meaning for me. I’ve already filed the appeal but I’m not waiting around. It really means I’m going back to work part-time. I’m not sure if I’m ready to do it full-time plus I don’t want to do it if I can help it.

Since the denial, I’ve already applied for a few jobs. Two are writing gigs with medical websites. I figure I’ve been doing a health/wellness blog for almost a year so I kind of qualify..kinda. It’s more serious than I’m used to writing but I’m flexible. I just wonder what they’ll think when they read “Cory Crawford Said Fuck?” No explanation for that!

Another is doing some work for a local group that deals with Seniors and the Gay/Lesbian and the rest of the alphabet community. I’ve seen their blog and know I can make it better. I hate to admit it but I’m a good fit working with the old folks.

Wednesday’s speech went really well. Maybe I can do some more of those. Hmmm…anyone have Tony Robbins’ phone number?

Or maybe since all my Beatles’ blogs were really well read, maybe I can write a book about those guys? There’s only about a thousand of those, so what’s one more? Hmm…how about dating Yoko? She’s available, right? I’d dance with her, in the aisle of The Grammy’s. That’s a scary idea but does anyone know Olivia Harrison’s phone number?

Seriously, getting denied disability isn’t the end of the world. I figured it was going to happen so I had a plan B sort of ready to go.

Onward to the next adventure. But if you see me on Entertainment Tonight with Yoko, Olivia or even Pattie Boyd, remember where you read it first.



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