They call it Melanoma Monday

They call it Melanoma MondayBut Tuesday’s just as badThey call it Melanoma MondayBut Tuesday’s just as badLord, and Wednesday’s worseAnd Thursday’s all so badThe eagle flies on FridaySaturday I go out to play Today is Melanoma Monday. It occurs on the first Monday in the month of May, which is Melanoma Awareness Month. In 2021,... Read more »

Somebody up there really did like Ronnie Wood

In the last few years, rock documentaries seem to be the in-thing. Most of them have been mediocre or even worse, but at least you get to see and hear music on a big screen with excellent sound. I can think of worse ways to spend two hours. In 2019. Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood... Read more »

Who did it worse: The Chicago Bears drafting and developing quarterbacks or Chicago voters electing Mayors?

The Chicago Bears football team got their man! They made a trade to move up in the NFL draft and were able to draft the quarterback that will lead them into the future….again. Super Bowl here we come…again. Nothing against Justin Fields, in fact, I’m excited to see him come to Chicago…and I’m not a... Read more »

Take me out to the ballgame in a pandemic

Live baseball is back!!! Sorta!! I kind of remember what it was like to see a major league baseball game in person. It wasn’t all that long ago. Sometime in 2019 was when I was last inside Wrigley Field. Two years flies right by….except in a pandemic. Fans weren’t allowed inside the park during the... Read more »

When it comes to bad behavior in youth sports, I thought I had seen it all

A Coach berates his own pre-teen player for striking out. Coaches yelling at opposing coaches during a game. A coach physically attacking a teen-aged umpire for making a bad call. One coach being ejected from a softball game for excessive arguing and his assistant being ejected an inning later for doing the same thing. Those... Read more »

If you knew the lyrics fifty years ago, what would you have thought about "Brown Sugar" and "Sticky Fingers?

Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fieldsSold in a market down in New OrleansScarred old slaver knows he’s doing alrightHear him whip the women just around midnight Brown sugarHow come you taste so good?Brown sugarJust like a young girl should On April 23, 1971, fifty years ago today, the Rolling Stones released their eleventh... Read more »

Is a knee on the neck for nine minutes and twenty-three seconds enough to convict Derek Chauvin?

The testimony is over. The prosecution has rested. So has the defense. The final arguments will come today. The judge will give his instructions. Finally, the jury will get the case and begin their deliberations. How it goes is anyone’s guess. The evidence that the prosecution showed was overwhelming. The defense broke out all their... Read more »

Can you believe that Bonnie Raitt's first album is fifty years old

When you think of musicians who have had fifty-year careers, Bonnie Raitt probably isn’t the first one that pops into your mind. Yet here we are, in 2021, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of her premier, self-titled album. Her first album was a surprise. The daughter of musicians, including Broadway musical star father John, she spent... Read more »

Mick Jagger is pandemicking like the rest of us

It’s been more than a year since most of the world headed down to their basement. Thirteen months of too much tv, too much delivered dinners and groceries, too much Zoom, too much disease and death, too much of everything. It’s been more than a year of boredom for everyone….and by everyone I really do... Read more »

Six years of being grateful for a successful cancer surgery

April 15, 2015. Six years ago today, I was at a hospital getting ready to undergo surgery for Melanoma. It was my first surgical procedure of any kind and although I talked a big game at that time, I admit to being more than a little worried. It wasn’t so much about the cancer because... Read more »
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