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First American "Cuddle studio" opens - Is it a sex shop?

Well here’s a job for you DIYers: professional snuggle buddy. A business selling private cuddles at an hourly rate of $60, Cuddle Up To Me, has opened its doors in Portland. The lady-owned shop has been bombarded with over 10,000 requests for appointments in only three days. It’s totally not sexual though. Nooooo. The four... Read more »

In defense of Thug Kitchen: Look at Iggy Azalea

There has been an uproar of accusations of cultural appropriation after the internet found out the writers behind vegan blog Thug Kitchen are white. Not only are the vegan bloggers white, but they are white hipsters. The nerve. Apparently these bloggers are guilty of cultural appropriation because they swear a lot (sample recipe: “yeah, garlic and... Read more »

Mothers arrested for everything now

A mother in South Carolina was arrested last month for using profanity in front of her children. Apparently Danielle Wolf let a few eff-bombs slip because her kids were messing with loaves of bread while grocery shopping in a Kroger store. A nosy fellow customer (who later apologized and mentioned the abuse she received as... Read more »

The problem with Colbie Caillat's "Try" video everyone's crowing about

The entire interwebz has been in girl crush mode over a viral music video by Colbie Caillat called, “Try”. If you live in 1992 or on some weird island where your girlfriends don’t tag you to watch pseudo-feminist viral videos, I’ll pause now and let you take a gander. Go on. I’ll wait while your... Read more »

Why annoying girlfriends make the best wives

I keep seeing these articles pop up like, “10 annoying things girlfriends do” and “15 things guys can’t stand”. I’ve got news, dudes. All that stuff that drives you crazy about your girlfriend will pay off when you marry her. All my boyfriends hated me: the plan-making, the spy skills. Well guess what? All that... Read more »

In defense of the woman kicked out of a trade show for breastfeeding

Recently a small business owner was escorted out of a Chicago trade show for bringing her 10-day old infant snuggled inside her outfit. The newborn wasn’t there for the cooking demonstrations, he was there because he’s breastfed on the hour. In fact, the baby wasn’t a problem to anyone until the woman sat down to... Read more »

Chicago area school bans yoga pants: THE SEXISM KILLS ME

There’s a doozy going down in the suburbs over yoga pants. Haven Middle School in Evanston has pitted feminists against apologists with its new policy that girls may not wear yoga pants because they “distract the boys”. Let me get this straight. Long black material covering someone from waist to ankle is not enough lower... Read more »

Nice to be nice: Eating meat vs vegetarian

When I got the hospital bill for Boss’s birth, I mailed a check for the balance posthaste. I don’t like to have things hanging over my head, you know? Or lost in a pile with a bunch of coupons for gutter cleaning and fliers for bingo night. (The K house is all sex and style!)... Read more »

It's not Maria Kang's fault I'm fat

The latest flavor of Are You Mom Enough comes to us from Maria Kang, the now infamous “hot Facebook mom” who posted a picture of her smokin’ bod flanked by her three small children, including an infant, and the words that burned a hole through the internet this week, “What’s your excuse?”. Burn. Maybe I’m... Read more »

The Duggars trying for 20th child - JUST STOP IT

Guess what, world? The Duggars revealed in an interview the other day that they are actively trying for a 20th baby. This is on the heels of delivering a stillborn, followed by delivering a micro-premie at the behest of doctors treating Michelle’s life-threatening blood pressure condition. If you’re the type to celebrate this baby news... Read more »