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Farewell my loves: Where to find High Gloss & Sauce now!

I’d love to give a big drawn out good bye to this blog but a few things: A) I’m not physically leaving. The internet does not occupy real space! I already moved my my stash of Target pillows from Chicago to L.A. a month ago and took all you guys with me, which brings me... Read more »

Jodie Foster's Golden Globes Speech: The Bullet Points

It started off being the bees’ knees. There was Jodie Foster, called up to accept her Cecil B. DeMille award. She saunters up and sort of overworks an “I’m Fifty” joke and then builds up to what was sure to be a monumental moment in television history. Wait for it! [Pan to her mortified kids]... Read more »

Playground politics: It's a jungle out there

“Ponies for sale! Ice cream! At your service!” My kid knows how to draw a crowd. We had to make ourselves scarce today because of realtor showings at our house, so we loaded up the stroller with snacks and headed out on a tour of every playground in the neighborhood. “The choo-choo park” happens to... Read more »

Baby poop mud mask: A natural beauty treatment

Like most eco-conscious folks these days, I’ve been composting my table scraps and sprouting my own seeds to create free organic produce for my family this year. Sure, we have about as much “lawn” in the City of Chicago as most people have counter space, but we’re just treading lightly*. We’re amazing**. Do you feel... Read more »

Are traditional news media stealing scoops from bloggers?

Late in the summer of ’10, we made a giant pot of coffee and commenced our weekend ritual of splaying the Sunday Tribune out on the living room floor in our jammies. I opened the newspaper and saw something surprisingly familiar, a two-page feature on newborn circumcision. The topic was a bit avant-garde at the... Read more »

February is a rad time for resolutions, too!

Okay, it was Beauty And The Beast.
Okay, I guess February is a smidge late to the new year’s resolutions game, but in perfect execution of my new agenda, I’m making the rules. You see, this is The Year Of The Jenna. The Year of Me was supposed to be last year. I decided we were going to start hiring babysitters and... Read more »

Too fat to adopt a baby?

My friend Rachel is in Ethopia right now adopting her new sons. The big brown eyes and footie jams in the picture she posted on Facebook are making my brain nothing but mush. Buh-Stell can’t even walk yet but babies are like pieces of pizza: The first one is inhaled, the second one is savored... Read more »

Watching Jon Stewart should be required to vote

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart last night? He perfectly captures the hypocrisy of Republican politicians. It’s not that it matters that Newt Gingrich was a sleaze to his wives per se. Playboyitis is an equal opportunity affliction when it comes to politicians. See also: Bill Clinton and the spectacle of Weinergate. The problem is when... Read more »

Whiskey Mom would be an awesome show

An avid rock climber in her 9th month of pregnancy has been featured on television harnessed, roped and tackling dangerous heights. Nothing’s going to keep her down! What a badass. How hardcore. Also, as I seem to be alone in thinking, how careless. Jezebel featured the story┬átoday to a chorus of cheers because I guess... Read more »

Groupon says nursing is a "frivolous" reason to decline Botox - UPDATE

You may recall the clock was ticking on a Groupon I bought for Botox, so I declared I was weaning my baby. Her first birthday is coming up and I thought it was time anyway, so I went to work with what I thought would be an easy task. Just start giving her milk and... Read more »