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It feels good to have friends

I’m living on a diet of Edible Arrangements and the homemade brownies my neighbor baked. My sister-in-law has been the fairy godmother of errand running. On Saturday, a picnic lunch is coming my way and next Friday, I believe I have plans to stare at the wall with a friend I’ve known since second grade.... Read more »

Sometimes the beauty of life is the sad kind

I could hold it together in the woods, on vacation. This past week we were in a cabin in the Dells on a trip we take every year that includes silly old-timey photos and carnival rides. This year our in-laws came along and rented the perfect little matching Lincoln Log cabin beside us. It was... Read more »

Parents facing abortion are not "barbarians"

Oooh, boy, this is about to be a fun one! As you may know from reading this here innerweb site, we’re currently pregnant with twins, one of whom is in a bit of jeopardy. We were originally given a 50/50 chance of Baby A (Squirt!) having a lethal chromosomal abnormality due to the poor babe’s... Read more »

11 unusual baby nursery themes

What does every future crotch-rocketeer need at birth? A Harley Davidson nursery. Burn rubber, baby! HELLS BELLS. via SassyKatCreations
Guys, I’m planning my third nursery for my fourth daughter. Inspiration is running a little stale. Coming up with something cute that I can sew myself that I haven’t already done is like asking me to expand my repertoire for dinner. After taco night and pizzas, I just stare at the wall and hope food... Read more »

What not to say to an agnostic in a pickle

I saw two beautiful faces yesterday. Four perfect hands, four little feet I’d kiss any day of the week. They were my twins during a special high-resolution ultrasound at the behest of doctors (oh, doctors) after we discovered something is amiss with the little twin’s health. It’s amazing they look so much like “real” babies... Read more »

Things you only do when you're pregnant HINT: Twitter fights

So far I’ve spent nearly two years of my life being pregnant –and counting!– and I’ve noticed when I have a belly full of baby (and pizza, let’s be honest) I turn into a different person. It’s not so much like Clark Kent v. Superman or Hulk vs. Not Hulk, but more of an odd... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day to me, times four

Guys, what’s a perfect day in Chicago? Ice cream by the lake? Thai food? Blue skies and valet parking? How about all of that and a successful “viability scan” (a term that should please die) of the surprise twins you’re carrying? This was me today! I will now accept a confetti reception. Thanks, you guys... Read more »

Spiffing up dismal medical terms

"Acardiac Monster" is the real medical term for an undeveloped twin who has no neck or head. Mean, right? Supposedly it occurs in 1 in 40,000 births, which seems like a lot to me. That means 1 in 40,000 women have to look at their baby's medical papers and see the word "monster". Uncool, medical establishment. I say we focus on the positive and change this to Baby Feet Are Adorable Regardless syndrome.
The medical community needs me. I’m going to swoop in, plant flowers and take over all their bad medical terms so they sound more friendly. The bogus, out-dated diction of doctors needs a touch-up so they stop scaring people and making them feel like crap. I’ve got an ultrasound looming, but as my medical papers... Read more »

To the IVF dad not happy about his twins

Our society is often criticized because of our “over-sensitivity”. Some say we’ve become a bunch of politically correct mamby pambies who boo hoo over simple things like . . . not tolerating racism. I for one, think our world is better for our boo-hooing. Without the free exchange of ideas on the Internet, how are... Read more »

I hate my (pregnant) body!

Any short ladies in the house? (You: AMEN) Any 5’2″ ladies on their third pregnancy with twins? (crickets.) Well let me fill you in on this little club. It’s full of people who look like walking fun house mirrors. The boobs are pendulous. The belly looks full term. The arms and shoulders have the rounded... Read more »