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Being blonde: The rubber stamp of identities

This morning a guy in a ball cap with a towel over his shoulder walk-shouted to me at the gym I joined five seconds ago, “Oh, hi again!” “Oh hi!” I called back. My sister-in-law, who shames me by looking like Kelly Kapowski with a six-pack: Do you know him? Me: Of course not. This scenario... Read more »

Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Your boobs will be fine!

I think of baby-having as an arc. From the positive pregnancy test to weaning, the arc, for me, lasts just over a year and a half. It’s not an arc of all joy. To be brutally honest, it’s an arc of suffering. First you get the test and all that’s happening are two lines on... Read more »

Second Baby Syndrome is tragic

Second Baby Syndrome is on the rise among experienced parents who have a hard time giving a crap about milestones and minor coughs. This tragedy affects one out of two children in households with little sisters. Educate yourself! While a first child in a family is guarded and observed 24 hours a day, receiving organic... Read more »

The Lazy Lady's Guide To Potty Training An Evil Genius

The Lazy Lady's Guide To Potty Training An Evil Genius
I don’t read parenting books. I tried to during my first pregnancy but it just seemed like an invention to make moms feel like crap. “If your baby cries, you suck! Breast feeding is a joy right from the first second!” Etcetera, all lies. So I got lazy and never picked up another book Armed... Read more »