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"Man up" hurts girls too

The other day I wrote about my mother-in-law’s key to successful son-raising that involved never telling my husband to man-up. She said she let him cry when he was sad and never tried to make him tough. Miraculously, he grew to be a tall, bearded human being with a deep voice despite this radical parenting... Read more »

Chicago area school bans yoga pants: THE SEXISM KILLS ME

There’s a doozy going down in the suburbs over yoga pants. Haven Middle School in Evanston has pitted feminists against apologists with its new policy that girls may not wear yoga pants because they “distract the boys”. Let me get this straight. Long black material covering someone from waist to ankle is not enough lower... Read more »

I asked my mother-in-law how she raised such a great son

I don’t usually like to give advice if I don’t have a dog in the fight. When the Chicago Public School teachers were on strike a few years ago, it irritated me seeing parents who had their kids in private school, like, “solidarity!” Right, solidarity, bro. Your kids aren’t even in CPS. Having a student... Read more »

I banned my kids from playing this mean game

I usually stay out of my girls’ interpersonal affairs. I’m just not settling who gets to be what princess or whose turn it is to be the doctor. I have Facebook to check I mean coffee to drinkĀ I mean, work to do. However, I do always have an ear to the ground. When I walked... Read more »

I'm only telling you this so I can order pizza for dinner

Thank you, Highlights magazine for the fish invitation template.
Awhile back, someone broke the mom code of not gifting living things to other peoples’ children and gave us a fish. A fish is worse than a puppy since the poop-to-benefit ratio is quite low. They are way too much work for something that will not push my wheelchair when I’m old or even walk... Read more »

Awesome things about having all girl children

1. Mix and match everything. All the outfits match in my house because everything is one color and everyone agrees what color that is. Pink. Don't fight it. Don't politicize it. Just accept it.
Since I have a newborn and two (barely) older kids, I’m basically in mom jail until 2018. Alinea? Kids at Elton John tributes? Lost on me. I just park it on the couch and yell orders to people. I suppose I do haul these people to dance class twice a week, which means I only... Read more »

My first back to school lesson

I almost lost it on my two-and-a-half-year-old today. Okay, I didn’t “almost” lose it. For the first time I can remember, I actually yelled at Stella. Like, yelled-yelled. She’s my chill kid, the one who changes her own pull-up and can spend hours on the swing set, but today she turned into a new creature.... Read more »