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The sexism of moms and Legos

A story started circulating the other day about another amazing, crafty parent doing something over-the-top to please the kids in the house. We know how these usually go. It’s normally a dad into photography or who has access to special effects video software reaping enormous praise for being a good parent. Here are a few top... Read more »

Until college reform, yes, "Guerrilla Dad" you should pay for your kids' college

When a second blobby heartbeat popped up on my prenatal ultrasound screen last year, my very first thought was, “oh no, two more college tuitions”.  Sadly, we ended up only coming home with one baby – a baby whose college savings, pennies as it may be, was started before her first birthday. Why? Because college... Read more »

A rebuttal to the "Same-Sex Marriage" brochure I found at church

Hello there, mister (?) author of the Same-Sex Marriage brochure I found at church this morning. I was just milling around in the lobby of a cathedral – wait, they do call those lobbies, right? Ye high holy foyers? – when I saw a kiosk of brochures. As a bored person sometimes does, I browsed... Read more »

In defense of Thug Kitchen: Look at Iggy Azalea

There has been an uproar of accusations of cultural appropriation after the internet found out the writers behind vegan blog Thug Kitchen are white. Not only are the vegan bloggers white, but they are white hipsters. The nerve. Apparently these bloggers are guilty of cultural appropriation because they swear a lot (sample recipe: “yeah, garlic and... Read more »

Why is everyone so sad the kids are off to school?

I see everyone is sad about school starting. I’m not trying to be one of those parents who is like, “ZOMG, I HATE MY MINI-JERKS!” because while I’ve had some pretty full days of sunscreen battles and 10:00 p.m. eventual bedtimes, I don’t actually hate my kids. I’m exited for school to start for different... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Divorce, Chicago Style

We’re doing a thing today at ChicagoNow where we all interview and write about each other. I drew a fun name out of the electronic hat. My person is Donna, who is Chicago-famous for her long, crazy divorce. It’s been going on for like 11 years now. Donna’s blog is called Divorce, Chicago Style. It’s... Read more »

Gun control starts with self-control

A few weeks ago, my husband noticed one of his employees had a bandage on his arm after an absence. The guy was shot during a game of basketball in his neighborhood and when Niko asked him why he thought he was a target of violence, he said, “oh, some kid was trying to prove... Read more »

Like sex, selfie education starts at home

My five-year-old, the one who thought she was going to wear lipstick to school (HAHAHAHAHAHA) put together a little outfit today and wanted me to document it. I don’t know what I was thinking with this next bit, but I can only reason that when she asks for stuff, I usually suggest she tries it... Read more »

Nice to be nice: Eating meat vs vegetarian

When I got the hospital bill for Boss’s birth, I mailed a check for the balance posthaste. I don’t like to have things hanging over my head, you know? Or lost in a pile with a bunch of coupons for gutter cleaning and fliers for bingo night. (The K house is all sex and style!)... Read more »

In defense of the friendly three-way

I saw little meme floating on Facebook that captured the difference between male and female friendships. In one picture, there was a woman hugging a group of ladies and saying, “I love you guys! You mean so much to me!” and the caption was, “friendship lasts 2-3 years”. Next to it was a picture of... Read more »