Category: Poison in the well!

Enlist Duo: EPA approves super weedkiller, gets hit with lawsuit

The EPA approved your worst nightmare last week: a new super duper weedkiller called Enlist Duo intended to combat the “super weeds” Monsanto’s herbicides created. Basically, our crops are drowning in stronger and stronger poison because we accidentally beefed up the weeds. Whoops. The whole thing between weeds and herbicides is like the plot of... Read more »

USDA and EPA: Gross new herbicide's approval spreading like a weed

I got an email from Morgan Fairchild yesterday. If you’ve ever backed a Democratic candidate, I’m sure you got the same one. We need to “rush” to the polls Nov. 4 and in the meantime, spill a little extra coin toward the campaign. Blergh. It seems like every other day I’m getting inboxed with requests... Read more »

Why I won't say "f*ck cancer" anymore

After a two-day vigil, six weeks of hospice care and six years of lows and victories managing cancer, my mother-in-law died. She didn’t lose. No tangible enemy bested her. She died. Later, a family member sobbed, “how could this great woman be taken down like this?” I thought for the 83rd time that week, as... Read more »

Ten types of belly button lint that WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Um, number one: regular belly button lint? Actually, I have no idea and, as you may have guessed, this isn’t going to be about your damn belly button, you adorable click bait-guppy. Sorry. Excuse me. That was rude. All I’m saying is maybe your belly button lint isn’t exactly that fascinating, and yet here you... Read more »

Atrazine: Why is the EPA protecting a poison?

You know one of my favorite things to do is dig up ignored government documents on everybody’s favorite poison, Atrazine. Well I found some damning meeting minutes from a panel reviewing the EPA and they ain’t pretty! Apparently Atrazine is just as horrible as we suspected. Who invited this kid to the party, amirate? I’m... Read more »

Atrazine: Forbes publishes false info about public health, Atrazine

There was a time when I respected big name journalism, including Forbes, but after the clearly false information Forbes published yesterday on the “safety” of the “benign” chemical Atrazine in a direct assault on public health, I’m not so sure. Jon Entine, a Forbes writer who claims to approach science with a “skeptical eye” seems... Read more »

EPA: Have fun getting diseases, poor people!

Despite the EPA stating in their own fact sheets (love diggin’ those up) that a pesticide called glyphosate, the main component of Roundup, at levels above 20ppm causes reproductive problems and kidney disease, the EPA has doubled the allowable levels of that chemical in farm-grown foods. Why? Why would they do that? The short answer straight... Read more »

Better than bottled: Tap water solutions for SEXXY people (that's you!)

A few weeks ago I dug up a little gem, a document where the EPA quietly suggested midwesterners drink bottled water since municipal tap water is contaminated with Atrazine. Well ho, ho, ho, there’s a problem with that, folks, and not just my throaty laugh! It turns out the EPA’s bottled water suggestion creates more... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and elephant poaching? Disappointed in my hero

Hillary Clinton is up for a fresh cause. She needs to sink her humanitarian claws into something meaty. Something monumental. Something important. (Something political!) So she announced today that she’s choosing to use her clout and connections to get behind . . . cracking down on elephant poaching. SAD TROMBONE. Elephant poaching? Not to naysay... Read more »

Clean water tax: EPA urges midwest to drink bottled water, not tap

I had a tough time with Independence Day yesterday. I mean, would you wish someone happy birthday who poisoned your water and hurt your baby girl? I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate “freedom” since the only entity that applies to right now are corporations. Hi! I might be bitter! I’ve decided to work through... Read more »