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Why it's rude to be fake pregnant on April fool's day *cough* LINDSAY LOHAN

Okay, maybe Lindsay Lohan is really pregnant. She tweeted, “it’s official . . . pregnant” at the tail end of The Great Unholiday that was yesterday. Maybe she’ll squeeze parenting in between her court dates and mandatory rehab. We can’t know! But if it was a prank, may I thwap her on the head with... Read more »

The best (and worst) variations of the Facebook red equal sign

Pot moms should get equal respect as wine moms. I get it.
When my whole Facebook feed turned red with the equal sign yesterday, I thought Facebook pulled one of their maneuvers to only show you “relative” content, meaning they had shielded my eyes from my friends with differing political interests. Grr. It’s not healthy to cover your ears and sing “la la la” to avoid hearing... Read more »

9 Easy Steps To Escape Poverty (Step One: Be White!)

I read an infuriating article, Things That Trigger Your Class Rage by self-disclosed middle class member, Tracy Moore. The tone was basically one of indignation that Moore’s friends came from more affluent backgrounds and her “rage” about them being ivy league educated and well traveled. Moore was neither of those things and she blames it... Read more »

28 Unusual Road Signs From Chicago To Kentucky

I think he means your no-no hole. Lookout!
Vacations are not fun for the mom. It’s just different kind of work. Instead of laundry and cooking, we have schlepping and herding and we have to make sure everyone is dressed and slathered in sunscreen while we do it. This weekend my family road tripped to the Kentucky border to see my darling little... Read more »

Benjamin Moore's 9 Worst Paint Color Names

"Lambskin" - coordinates great with "Latex" and "Lube" for that really sexxy skin-colored home you're decorating.
So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to paint my new living room. I’ve been obsessed with finding┬áthe exact best color and naturally, I consulted Facebook. Every time I put a sample on the wall, I ask the internet’s opinion and three people will like it followed by two people who say it looks... Read more »

Meal train etiquette - the rules of giving

There was a death on our block and it reminded me of a topic I’ve been dying to write about – meal train etiqeutte. Wait. Was there an awkward pun in there? Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. When someone has a baby, loses a loved one, has surgery or gets an unfortunate haircut, something... Read more »