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I found my pink wig!

Ouch. Can you hear that? It’s me trying say stuff on the internet, but my words are all garbled like a drunk person in a slow motion video. GARghhhhGrggblhhHHhhhaaaaa. That’s what happens when you don’t write for a while. Your brain gets all stiff and then afterwords you need an ibuprofen and tell people how... Read more »

5 (selfish) reasons you want diversity in your school

Our family is a herd of nomads. Our kindergartner has been enrolled in four very different Chicago-area schools. She insists she loves spreading herself around like Bobby Brown, *not her words, and we’re about to be on our third house in seven years of marriage. The school we’re in now is good and we’re (probably?)... Read more »

The (sneaky) ways Disney forces you to be happy

Excuse me, before I begin, I’ll need to shake these sparkles out of my hair. That’s better. My family just got back from Disney World and I was expecting: a nightmare chorus of toddler meltdowns, $35 ice cream cones, sweaty, angry, sunbeaten parents and maybe spotting that tiny princess castle in all the brochure pictures.... Read more »

Us "libtards" love this country, too

I posted some pictures of my kids in their full 4th of July get up today (I might have gone overboard with the Pinterest-worthy projects this year) and got a repeated, unexpected comment to the tune, “I had no idea you were so patriotic”. At a village fireworks display in a notorious conservative area where... Read more »

11 things moms can do instead of drinking wine

So, who here has a glass of wine every night? Or two. Just me? I can’t be the only person who gets bored after the kids go down and cracks open a bottle. It’s a reward system. No matter what kind of crap I’ve had to deal with or how annoying my kids get, I... Read more »

Awesome things about having all girl children

1. Mix and match everything. All the outfits match in my house because everything is one color and everyone agrees what color that is. Pink. Don't fight it. Don't politicize it. Just accept it.
Since I have a newborn and two (barely) older kids, I’m basically in mom jail until 2018. Alinea? Kids at Elton John tributes? Lost on me. I just park it on the couch and yell orders to people. I suppose I do haul these people to dance class twice a week, which means I only... Read more »

Yes, a third child may ruin your life

In case you haven’t heard, moms are against moms, ya’ll. Today’s flavor comes to us from the latest Daily Mail controversy piece called, “The mother who says her unplanned third baby will wreck her perfect life,” because if a mother said it, pitchforks will be raised. The title goes on, “… and her dreams of... Read more »

What not to ask a pregnant lady you've never met - UPDATED

This is an innocent question . . . until you ask someone who is only pregnant with a sandwich. Story to make you feel better if this has happened to you: When my first daughter was 12 hours old, a guest said to me in the hospital, "Jenna, are you sure they didn't leave one in there? You're still so BIG!" Fun memory. Just saying, no one is immune to this comment.
I’m pretty open when it comes to whom I consider family. If you’ve read this blog more than once, you’ve met me in person, we went to school together, worked together, drummed up a little rapport waiting for dance class dismissal or peed in an alley together in our 20’s, I’m going to be chill... Read more »

11 unusual baby nursery themes

What does every future crotch-rocketeer need at birth? A Harley Davidson nursery. Burn rubber, baby! HELLS BELLS. via SassyKatCreations
Guys, I’m planning my third nursery for my fourth daughter. Inspiration is running a little stale. Coming up with something cute that I can sew myself that I haven’t already done is like asking me to expand my repertoire for dinner. After taco night and pizzas, I just stare at the wall and hope food... Read more »

Finding role models in your 30's (Any large, liberal families in the house?)

I didn’t give much thought to finding a role model until I read a tweet a while back by The Most Awesome Lady On Twitter, a 94-year-old quilter who tweeted, “I have to love Downton Abbey for so many older woman characters who r smart, funny & non cliche. Nice 2 have role models at... Read more »