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Dear Congress: My kids should feel safe in school

I have a daughter starting kindergarten in the fall. As we picked out her purple butterfly backpack, we had to have The Talk. Well, the new talk. She’s scared enough as it is going to a new school with a new routine, but now we have to talk about what to do if (when?) someone... Read more »

What if Chicago shootings were treated like school shootings?

If you watched any national news today, swiped through social media or pick up a major newspaper tomorrow you’ll know about the lone gunman at an Oregon high school this morning who shot one student (and grazed the hip of a teacher). Events like this are becoming sadly more common, but the news/blog cycle will... Read more »

Gun control starts with self-control

A few weeks ago, my husband noticed one of his employees had a bandage on his arm after an absence. The guy was shot during a game of basketball in his neighborhood and when Niko asked him why he thought he was a target of violence, he said, “oh, some kid was trying to prove... Read more »

Trayvon Martin murder about money, not race

Just kidding, the Trayvon Martin murder verdict was totally about race and a little about money, but hear me out. I couldn’t sleep last night. I tied myself in knots in my sheets because every time I drifted off, I had nightmares about this verdict. The perversion of justice in this country is so sick... Read more »

Chicago gun violence: Why won't anyone snitch on baby Jonylah's killer?

You have to check out the North Shore police blotter sometime. Hilarious. The worst things that happen are when some guy gets $2,000 golf clubs swiped from his garage or when unauthorized charges appear on someone’s credit card (later amended by the bank!).¬†Okay, there was the time some kids tied up an old lady and... Read more »

Christopher Dorner On Gun Control: The Sad, Ironic Truth In His Manifesto

The man hunt is still on for cop-killer Christopher Dorner who wrote this¬†bizarre manifesto before hunting and murdering his foes and their families in Los Angeles. He’s on the loose and you know what? If it weren’t for the atrocious, coldblooded murdering he wouldn’t be such an unreasonable guy, especially when it comes to gun... Read more »

Obama Gun Control: Pretty Kids = Finally Talking About Guns

It takes a hardboiled messenger to tell an unwitting person they came out of a crotch. “Oh . . . how did you get out of mommy’s tummy? Babies come out of vaginas,” doesn’t seem like a polite thing to say to my curious four-year-old, but I said it because it’s the truth. As Al... Read more »

I don't want to have "a national conversation about mental health"

Ah, politicizing a tragedy. That took a day. In the first hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, the nation came together and seemed to universally agree, at least to some degree, something has to be done about these guns in the hands of crazies. That’s not a political agenda, that’s a human thing to say... Read more »

Gun control: Even enthusiasts see the need for gun control after shooting

Hi, I’ve been glued to my TV all day, how about you? I picked my four-year-old up from school then cuddled my kids in my lap while I watched in horror as the details of today’s shooting came out. Babies. Kindergarteners. Dead. I think I sobbed three buckets today. I’m a bit of an anti-gun... Read more »

Obama second term: Gun control

Remember that time in college when you popped a bottle of champagne after the news outlets called the election for “President Al Gore” and you and all your buddies turned off the teev and went to bed feeling smug? And then you woke up to a hangover that lasted eight years? Well that didn’t happen... Read more »