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The sexism of moms and Legos

A story started circulating the other day about another amazing, crafty parent doing something over-the-top to please the kids in the house. We know how these usually go. It’s normally a dad into photography or who has access to special effects video software┬áreaping enormous praise for being a good parent. Here are a few top... Read more »

Bullying: Girls, don't be smart AND pretty

I’m suddenly grateful I was so plain in middle school. A mom on a Chicago message board yesterday shared the story about her daughter’s living hell at the hands of North Shore middle school bullies. 12-year-old “Sarah*” is constantly told how ugly she is and that no one likes her. She has been told to... Read more »

LEAVE BRITTANY ALOOOONE! I'm sick of people being jerks about Brittany Maynard

I thought I hid the jerks from my newsfeed during the last election cycle, but nope, they’re popping up again now that Brittany Maynard has died. The 29-year-old, who wanted to live, by the way, chose a dignified, medically assisted death yesterday after the course of her fatal brain cancer became too much. I’m hearing... Read more »

Bullied boy Grayson's school has a nasty "prayer" page full of venom

QUIZ TIME! 1. You’d expect a group called, “Prayers For Candler Elementary” to be . . . a) Full of prayers b) Full of nasty comments from adults calling a child “obnoxious” and his mother “white trash” 2. Prayers are supposed to be . . . a) Earnest conversations with God b) Backhanded vehicles to... Read more »

Internet hate: Would you call me a "snake with t*ts" to my face?

From across a reception table at a wedding last week, I promised a stranger I’d send him a Christmas card. The table had been in conversation for half an hour about how we all knew the groom (who was the Jerry to my Elaine circa 2003). We had covered sound systems and mutual aquaintances and... Read more »

Who's the villain in your house?

I’ve worked up the moxie to talk about something that’s been burning on my mind for awhile now. Years? Definitely months. ┬áI finally put a finger on it when I read my friend’s post about her son who likes to dance. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to fall in love with “If My... Read more »

Mama, close your computer

Time for a real-talk earnest post. [Backwards chair] If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I’ve had a rough month. It was almost exactly a month ago I found out we lost one of our twins, nearly halfway through this pregnancy. Complicating the grieving process have been a few things: having to rely on... Read more »

Parents facing abortion are not "barbarians"

Oooh, boy, this is about to be a fun one! As you may know from reading this here innerweb site, we’re currently pregnant with twins, one of whom is in a bit of jeopardy. We were originally given a 50/50 chance of Baby A (Squirt!) having a lethal chromosomal abnormality due to the poor babe’s... Read more »

Fitch The Homeless: Why exploiting the homeless to shame Abercrombie is wrong

You may have seen the clever consumer rebranding campaign “Fitch The Homeless” (#fitchthehomeless) the past few days. It’s a grassroots reactionary movement to the body-shaming scruples of Abercrombie & Fitch as spouted by CEO Mike Jeffries in a series of nasty comments. Among his words, now infamous, “In every school there are the cool and... Read more »

To the IVF dad not happy about his twins

Our society is often criticized because of our “over-sensitivity”. Some say we’ve become a bunch of politically correct mamby pambies who boo hoo over simple things like . . . not tolerating racism. I for one, think our world is better for our boo-hooing. Without the free exchange of ideas on the Internet, how are... Read more »