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Why so much performance-arting of vaginas?

Ladies, artists, artist-ladies, we have a problem. We’ve reached a new terrain of terrible. My tolerance of this situation has remained civil, but I went right to CODE RED MAN DOWN just now when I saw that apparently someone is now knitting a scarf from her vagina for no reason as performance art. A scarf!... Read more »

Would you open the door for a stranger in the rain? I didn't.

It was a dark and stormy night.  To be exact, this happened last night. I was in the bath tub frantically shaving my legs when it started thundering. I was certain I’d become lightening toast. I read articles! Okay, maybe I was a little keyed up because I was short one husband for the night.... Read more »

Were the Boston attacks in retaliation for racism against Muslims? Another Tsarnaev brother emerges UPDATED

As the manhunt continues for suspected Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, another Tsarnaev brother has emerged who was uninvolved in the Boston attacks. Zaur Tsarnaev, who plays Israeli football, was the subject of intense anti-Muslim racism from fans this year. A story from Moscow in January reported that Zaur was taunted with anti-Muslim chants during games and some fans... Read more »

Student-Cum-Porn-Star Lectures At University, Blows Minds

A porn star? Giving college lectures? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun or give him a hard time (because he’s received enough stiff criticism) but feminist writer and gender studies professor Hugo Schwyzer found himself in a bit of rub at his university for inviting a former-student-cum-porn-star to guest lecture about pornography on... Read more »

Colorado shooting: Media, stop rewarding gunmen

The massacre in Colorado last night was tragic. We can all agree on that. It’s natural to be horrified when something so senseless and cruel occurs, especially when in it’s the most benign places. Schools full of children and movie theaters full of happy fans are not places you’d expect something as dark as murder... Read more »

Your kids look half dead - happy Mother's Day!

Niko and I just went to lunch at this kinda skeezy place on the corner. It’s a dive bar that looks like it has a 50% chance of having operating light bulbs and might serve moonshine on tap. I think I saw a stuffed goat head on the wall and some concentrated hipster evil evaporating out... Read more »

Protect your family with a doomsday condo?

First there were toddler leashes, and now there are Doomsday Condos. What won’t we do to protect our families, parents? A real estate developer in Kansas has transformed an abandoned missile silo into a luxury underground condo community, complete with a viewing deck for end-of-world watching. There’s also a pool (because clean water wouldn’t be... Read more »

How to decorate for a "puberty party"

Quick, call the caterer. I want two dozen lady fingers, roasted nuts, crabby crab cakes and tell the bartender to stock plenty of bloody mary mix, we’re going to have a hootenanny in 2022. Why are we partying you may ask? First, we never need a reason and second, Period Parties are all the rage.... Read more »

"Mommy Porn": Worst Term Ever Invented. Ever. Please Stop.

A new genre of literature is hitting mainstream shelves -err, e-readers: Softcore BSDM novels. Apparently this is a “thing” beginning with 50 Shades Of Gray, the #1 New York Times best seller that targets the mommy demographic. Although I have not read it myself (COUGH! You know I will!) I snagged this bit of sample... Read more »

Nick Jr. drama: Parents enraged over some cartoons "retiring"

Do you care what’s on Nick Jr? I mean, I assume you don’t want your toddler watching violent murder scenes or Rush Limbaugh rants, but children’s programming could be a blank screen for all I care because I use TV for getting a chance to clean the kitchen and check my email. Apparently my simply... Read more »